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  • Melbourne is the global human capital and lifestyle city

    Melbourne has just been crowned a global champion for human capital and lifestyle, according to the latest international research.

    The fDi Intelligence Global Cities of The Future study 2017/18 has categorized Melbourne as the top major human capital and lifestyle city with a population of less than 10 million, edging out Sydney and Tokyo.

    Melbourne scored highly in literacy rates, education expenditure, health, quality of life, percentage of population as labour force, number of students and numerous other indicators.

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  • ACCC wants NBN plan advertising overhaul

    The ACCC has published guidance for retailers on how to advertise speeds for NBN broadband services, including clearly identifying typical minimum speeds during peak periods.

    The publication, Broadband Speed Claims – Industry Guidance, seeks to move retailers from advertising their services based on the maximum internet speeds that may be delivered during off-peak periods, to the speeds consumers can expect to achieve during the busy evening periods between 7pm and 11pm.

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  • No time like the present for lodging your tax

    With a suite of online tools that make lodging easier than ever before and the majority of pre-fill information now available, Tax Commissioner Chris Jordan said now is an ideal time to do your tax.

    “We have developed a suite of online services that have made it easier than ever before to get your tax return done, and now we have most pre-fill records such as wages, bank interest and dividends ready for taxpayers and agents to use. This means most of the work is done for you,” Mr Jordan said.

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  • Cable car consultation process

    The Hodgman Government is committed to growing the economy and creating jobs through sensitive and sensible development in the state’s natural areas.

    A cable car on Mount Wellington would be a game changer.  It would showcase one of our most stunning natural landmarks, it would make the pinnacle more accessible to more people and, of course, it would create new jobs for Tasmanians.

    The idea of a cable car on Mount Wellington has been around for over 100 years and it is time to take the next step.

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  • Jetstar direct Adelaide service in hot demand

    Jetstar’s new service of direct flights between Adelaide and Hobart is already proving popular with a massive 5,000 seats sold in the first 12 hours.

    The new service is expected  to attract more than 46,000 passengers a year and initial demand highlights Tasmania’s popularity as a must see destination.

    Tourism Tasmania has committed to increase its cooperative marketing with Jetstar to capitalise on the new service, and is also expanding its highly successful Go Behind the Scenery marketing campaign this Spring into the Adelaide market.

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  • Spirit Success – Passengers and Freight Up, Fares Down

    The Hodgman Liberal Government’s plan to deliver more passengers and lower fares on the Spirit of Tasmania ferries has been an unequivocal success.

    New figures show the Spirits carried 433,925 passengers in the last financial year, a massive 31 per cent increase on the 330,698 carried four years earlier under the former Labor-Green government.

    According to TT-Line, we have also seen under this Government a reduction in average fare prices of about 15 per cent in real terms.

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  • Northern Territory Operators Take to the UK Birdfair

    Northern Territory tourism operators have hit the road to target birding enthusiasts at the annual UK Birdfair.

    Held annually, the British Birdwatching Fair runs from 18 to 20 August and is the largest bird fair in the world attracting more than 25,000 people and over 300 exhibitors.

    The Northern Territory is a magnet for birding and nature enthusiasts and our involvement in the UK Birdfair helps to attract visitors to the NT and ensure that our destination is kept at front of mind within this niche tourism market.

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  • Unconventional NT Showcase Series targets business event planners

    The NT Convention Bureau’s inaugural Unconventional Darwin Showcase 2017, a four day mega-familiarisation program that ran from Thursday 10 August to Sunday 13 August, has attracted more than 20 business event planners from across Australia.

    Department of Tourism and Culture CEO Alastair Shields said the Unconventional Darwin Showcase was the first in a series of mega-familiarisations, with similar events to follow in Uluru in mid-October and Alice Springs in early May next year.

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  • Independent review confirms value of the ASBFEO

    The Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, which was established in March 2016, has welcomed the findings of an independent legislative review into the office.


    Independent reviews are required under the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman Act.


    The first independent review was led by Ms Su McCluskey, with support from a secretariat provided by the Nous Group.


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  • ACCC proposes to approve collective bargaining between Licensed Post Offices and Australia Post

    The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has issued a draft determination proposing to grant authorisation to Licensed Post Office Group Ltd (LPO Group) and its current and future licensed post office members to collectively negotiate with Australia Post.

    LPO Group and its members are seeking to collectively negotiate and enter into a new agreement with Australia Post, or vary the agreements that are currently in place for the provision of postal and distribution services by Licensed Post Offices (LPOs).

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