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Invest in Bathurst::

Bathurst offers affordable property, sound infrastructure, a sustainable water supply, a skilled workforce, and a resident population that is one of the fastest in regional NSW. Our combination of location to Sydney, great business support and transport infrastructure increases regional export potential.

Bathurst's key growth sectors include manufacturing, education and research, health, retail and food. Opportunities exist for new large businesses with sufficient land and associated infrastructure in place to cater for growing demand.

Bathurst Regional Council, with an annual operating budget of $110million, has a genuine interest in encouraging business development and growth in the Bathurst Region. The Economic Development section of Council is responsive to your business needs. Priorities lay in broadening the economic base of the region through investment attraction strategies and industry development initiatives.

So if you are thinking about relocating or wanting to expand your business or simply looking to invest in the property market, come and talk to us. Bathurst is the solution.

Business Relocation

If you are interested in relocating your business to a regional area then Bathurst offers a strong business case. Positive Growth Bathurst had the ...

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Industrial Land

One advantage that Bathurst offers over other regional centres is the availability of Greenfield sites for industrial purposes.   The main industria ...

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Commercial Property

The average land value for a single retail shop in Bathurst in 2009 was $232,000 for 5.4 metres of frontage. Average Industrial Land Price From $49m2. ...

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Property Investment

Bathurst is an investor hotspot. As a growing regional centre with sound employment and enviable lifestyle, Bathurst has again been listed in the Australia ...

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Bathurst has a highly skilled and diverse workforce with a large catchment area to draw from. Bathurst has a healthy and wide spread employment market of ...

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Bathurst provides a hub for transportation of goods, ensuring effective and efficient delivery of supplies and or despatch to all markets by road, rail or ...

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Bathurst was never been placed on water restrictions during the recent drought. With dam levels at 100% water is an asset that the Bathurst community and C ...

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Building in Bathurst

Bathurst Regional Council has an efficient Department of Environment, Planning and Building Services which administers Council's Development Applications. ...

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Strategic Planning & Zoning

Bathurst Region Urban, Rural & Heritage Studies Planning future land use for the Bathurst Region is a major task. The Bathurst Region Urban Strategy a ...

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The Bathurst Regional Council population and household forecasts are designed to inform community groups, Council, investors, business, students and the ge ...

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Economic Development Strategy

Bathurst Regional Council is currently in the process of developing an Economic Development Strategy for the Bathurst Region. The Strategy will be a living ...

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Statistical Data & Studies

There is a good range of statistical and economic data available on Bathurst. Should you require something you cannot find in the following resources pleas ...

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Useful Contacts & Resources

Business Services and Useful Websites Local Investment website- Bathurst Regional Council- Investme ...

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Real Estate Agents

Below is a list of Real Estate Agents in the Bathurst Region. If contacting agents please let them know you came through from the Bathurst Region INVEST we ...

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Bathurst City offers fibre-to-the-node services with ADSL2+ capability at 1.1Mb/sec upload and 20Mb/Sec download speed. Bathurst is poised for the roll out ...

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Bathurst hotpost for investment

Bathurst is NSW pick for property Hotspot! Bathurst has been given the tilte of the pick of places to purchase a home in NSW, according to Margaret Lomas. ...