Thursday, 12 December 2019 Sydney

Invest in Blacktown::

A bustling City of 48 residential suburbs, Blacktown City is home for over 308,000 people - making it the third largest local government area in Australia and home to one in every 70 Australians.
Nearly 60,000 residents have joined the City during the past 10 years - and that trend is set to continue as more people discover Blacktown City offers the family lifestyle and educational and employment opportunities they seek. It is a far cry from its origins more than a century ago as a rural hinterland and farming community.  
Today, Blacktown offers a rare combination of liveability with commercial success, boasting both award-winning residential estates and internationally acclaimed commercial areas.
Blacktown City is the heart of the Greater Sydney region - a booming area leading New South Wales in population growth, community and recreational services and employment growth. Just 35 km from the Sydney CBD, Blacktown City features two major centres - Blacktown CBD and Mount Druitt CBD. Both regional centres offer well-designed residential and commercial areas. 
One of the outstanding features of Blacktown City is its extensive road and rail infrastructure — the City offers 10 railway stations along two railway lines for commuters as well as regional transport interchange facilities at Blacktown and Mount Druitt.
By road, Blacktown is equally well connected.The City is part of the M4, M2 and M7 road networks.
The last ten years have been marked by great change in both the demographic and socio-economic profiles of the Greater Western Region, particularly in Blacktown City. With such rapid growth also comes great challenges, and Blacktown City Council has sought to position itself through prudent financial management, sound strategic development in concert with the City's elected representatives and an internal focus on provision of best value to its customers, to create a fluid and dynamic organisation skilled to meet these challenges of size and diversity.