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The Blue Mountains City population and household profile, forecasting and social atlas tools are designed to inform community groups, Council, investors, business, students and the general public.


  • Community Atlas
  • See maps of socio-demographic data.
  • The Community Atlas will be able to further understand your community. This tool includes key socio-demographic characteristics presented as interactive maps, providing the finest level of detail to help identify key issues and challenges for local areas across the Mountains.
  • Community Profile
  • Find out what our population is like now and how it has changed in recent years.
  • The Blue Mountains Community Profile includes results from the 2001, 1996 and 1991 Censuses of Population and Housing. The web based interactive tool is designed to give all people and sectors a better understanding of the trends, and demographics of our people within the City, the Towns in which we live.
  • Population Forecast
  • Find out what is happening every year between now and 2021.
  • The Population Forecast web based interactive tool is designed to give all people and sectors some insight into the changes in our population and households that we are likely to experience in the future. This tool will be able to indicate how old we will be, what types of household we will live in and where the biggest demands on services will come from.


Information can be used to supplement your own documents simply by cutting and pasting, generate the information you need, or create your own charts using the information on the site. Download the Training Manual at right, and take advantage of the powerful features of the® tool.


Economic Development and Business Information

Blue Mountains CityBlue Mountains City Council is firmly committed to Economic Development through its funding and support of Blue Mountains Economic Enterprise. 


Blue Mountains Economic Enterprise (BMEE) is the peak regional economic development organisation for the Blue Mountains.

Mission: To stimulate economic development in the Blue Mountains through advocacy, investment and job creation, consistent with our competitive advantages.

Vision: BMEE will be the recognised economic development organisation for the Blue Mountains, delivering significant and measureable contributions to the economy through: 

• Encouraging and supporting appropriate investment
• Opening the city for business
• Creating a sustainable and diversified business community

To achieve this vision, BMEE has identified four key strategic pillars which will be the focus of the organisation’s activity over the next three years. The pillars are:

• Health and well-being (including aged care and disabilities)
• Creative industries
• Education

• World-Heritage Industry Development (including tourism)


 You can view the current Economic and Demographic Profile here. 

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