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Visit, Live & Invest in Cobar Shire::

Cobar Shire Council's Our Town & Shire section provides information on a variety of facilities and services that our town and shire have to offer.

Area of information includes Library Services, Family Day Care Services, Children's Services, Schools, Aged Care, Health Services, Mines, Transportation, Sporting Facilities and Villages.

In addition the above information, this section also provides a fully searchable local business directory and community services directory  in which users can search by keyword/s. The directories' search is not just limited to business or organisation names but also allows users to search the description of business/organisation activities therefore making it easy for users to identify the local businesses and community organisations that provide particular goods or services.


Cobar Shire Council's Economy section is maintained by Council's Special Projects Officer and provides information on the various business and grant opportunities available along with the details of the local business groups.

Cobar Railway StationCouncil is here to assist anyone wanting to start or grow their business and would like to facilitate business opportunities within the Cobar Shire and promote the region.

The Business Opportunities section provides users with a business information pack with detailed information to get people started.

There a number of government and non-government organisations that offer grants for community projects, individual assistance or business projects. This section provides some useful website and information about Grant Opportunities.

Cobar currently has two main business groups, with different, but complimentary roles, being the Cobar Business Association and the Cobar Enterprise Facilitation Inc. This section provides information on both these organisations.