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About the Shire

The first Conargo Shire Councillors - 1907

The first Conargo Shire Councillors - 1907


Conargo Shire was established in 1907 to cater for those with land holdings in an area bounded by Berrigan, Jerilderie, Hay, Deniliquin, Windouran and Murray Shires.

The first President was Councillor R.O. Blackwood.

On the 1st July 2001 Windouran Shire was absorbed into Conargo Shire resulting in an additional 5090 square kilometres and another 387 residents. The new Shire now covers an area of 8829.36 square kilometres and has a population of 1850.

Quality soils, combined with supplies of water from the Billabong, Colombo, Yanco and Forrest Creeks have enabled Conargo's landholders to diversify their agricltural pursuits and produce high yielding and high priced commodities, making Conargo a wealthy shire in rural terms.  It is home to several large holdings renowned for their stud sheep, more particularly the Peppin Merino Bloodline developed by the Peppin Family
in te 1860's and continues to play a major role in sheep breeding activities.

In 1936 the government constructed the Berriquin Irrigation Area which serves 2300 farms through a gravitational channel network.  This scheme has been supplemented in recent years by deep bore irrigation, tapping into the underground water of the Murray Darling artesian basin.

The bush tracks of yesteryear have been replaced by a network of all weather  roads throughout the shire.

Community spirit is alive and well within the villages and surrounding areas throughout the Shire.
These villages include:-

Pretty Pine

The shire in conjunction with South West Arts have produced a DVD of the Shire History "100 Years of Yarns"  which is now available from our office. Cost $15 each.

This production is a wonderfully rich insight into the lives of very special individuals that have helped shape the shire into the resilient and thriving collection of communities that it is today.

Brad Chalmers has also been very busy in compiling a book on the history of Conargo Shire.
"The Sunlit Plains Extended: a Centenary History of the Conargo Shire"

Copies of the book are available from our office. Cost $40 each




Drop Log Stables - Conargo

Drop Log Stables - Conargo

Conargo is predominately a rural shire in New South Wales encompassing the communities of Conargo, Blighty, Mayrung, Pretty Pine, Wanganella and Booroorban.Conargo Shire is the centre of a major sheep stud breeding area and other farming practices including wheat, rice, canola, cereals.
Population: 1850.  Total area: 8829.36 sq km