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Invest in Hobart, capital city of Tasmania::

Hobart is a rich and vibrant city - it can provide you with a unique lifestyle in a unique setting and strong business opportunities in a buoyant economy.


Hobart, Tasmania


Hobart is Australia’s second oldest capital city. Nestled at the foot of Mt Wellington (elevation 1270 metres) and surrounded by the River Derwent it is also cited as Australia’s most beautiful city.

Hobart offers all the advantages of the mainland capitals, yet boasts a more relaxed pace of life. With fantastic food and wine, stunning architecture, good infrastructure, beautiful parks and convenient transport links, Hobart offers a high quality of life and a great standard of living.




Hobart is famous for its fresh seafood and local island beef. There are many restaurants dotted around the waterfront, with one restaurant having its own fishing boat to ensure that the fish is of the highest quality possible. There is also a wide range of cuisine from all corners of the globe including Italian, Greek, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, French and Chinese.  

Hobart is famous for its Salamanca Market, an outdoor market where you can join the locals for a shopping experience with a difference. Salamanca Market is one of those special places where you actually meet the people who create, make or grow what they sell. You can shop here for locally grown organic fruit and vegetables, freshly cut flowers and fine Tasmanian arts and crafts. Once the home of sailors, whalers and workmen, the old Georgian warehouses that line Salamanca Place are now Hobart’s cultural hub; home to galleries, theatres, cafes, craft shops and restaurants. The market operates every Saturday from 8:30 am until 3:00 pm.




There is a wide range of commercial activity in the Hobart area, from world-class ship building to niche tourism ventures. Tourism is one of Hobart’s main commercial activities with a wide variety of quality accommodation, restaurants and other tourist activities. Fine foods are also a hallmark of Tasmania, and a number of industries based on the production and export of food exist in and around Hobart.


Hobart - Australia’s best kept secret


For many years, most tourists, migrants and investors coming to Australia were unaware of Hobart. In the last decade or so, awareness has increased dramatically and Tasmania is how becoming a premier destination for many Australians and foreigners. A larger number of flights and ships arriving everyday from mainland Australia means Hobart is a great option for an enviable lifestyle.