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Visit, Live & Invest in Inverell Shire::

Inverell is situated in the New England North West region of New South Wales and is a thriving commercial and service centre with a local population of 16,075 and a district population of 18,000.

Inverell is nestled in a picturesque valley beside the Macintyre River. You will find us on the Gwydir Highway, linking the busy New England and Newell Highways.


Strategic Properties - Economy



 Destination 4:     A strong local economy.

Giving Priority to Economic and Employment Growth and the Attraction of Visitors.


What does it mean?

To underpin sustainable population growth the Shire’s commercial sector will be encouraged to grow and expand.  Appropriate services and infrastructure to enhance the commercial sector will be provided.  Business will have access to support services including education, training and research.


Why is it important?

Inverell is and must remain a service centre for the Region.  By encouraging stable, ethical and commercially successful businesses, local residents will have access to a wide range of services and work opportunities in the local area.


How will we know when we are reaching our Destination?

  • Inverell is identified and recognised as a major regional service centre.
  • A diverse range of businesses are sustainable and maintain a long term presence in the Shire.
  • The private sector provides a significant portion of the Shire's workforce.
  • Inverell Shire has sustainable population growth.



B.01 Business, institutions and Council are working cooperatively towards agreed initiatives to strengthen and expand the Shire's economic base.

B.02 Plan for and promote the clustering of specific business and industry sectors in commercially appropriate locations.

B.03 Facilitate access to services and infrastructure including education, training and research for business.

B.04 Develop and promote the Shire as the place for business establishment.

B.05 Assist business to integrate with the community and natural environment.

B.06 Plan for and promote private and commercial businesses and residential, industrial and commercial development.

B.07 Promote a competitive, dynamic and progressive business environment that improves market value.

B.08 Promote the Shire as a destination for visitors.

B.09 Generate economic benefits to the Shire by increasing visitation from domestic, regional, national and international market sectors