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Mayor Mulholland invites to invest, live and work in Kyogle::

Kyogle Council is located in the Northern Rivers Region of NSW, 8 hours north of Sydney and 2 hours south of Brisbane by road and rail. Kyogle Council adjoins the Scenic Rim Council in Queensland and the Northern Rivers Shires of Tweed, Lismore, Richmond Valley, Clarence Valley and Tenterfield in New South Wales. Kyogle Council comprises a large and diverse region with spectacular natural beauty including the renowned Border Ranges World Heritage National Park, Tooloom Falls, Hanging Rock Falls, Mt Lindesay and other cultural attributes. This, combined with a superb climate and a close proximity to all services, education and recreation, makes the Kyogle area an ideal place to live and work.   With Coastal Council areas already experiencing booming house markets, the Kyogle Local Government Area is perfectly positioned for investors, lifestylers or tree changers.


The Community vision is; ‘Working together to balance Environment, Lifestyle and Opportunity’.


The New Residents and Investors Guide can be found on Council’s website at . It is produced to encourage new investors, business, industry and residents to invest in the Kyogle Council Local Government Area and details the benefits and issues of living, working and investing in a rural area. The booklet informs investors of what Kyogle and villages have to offer and the benefits and issues of ‘living and working in a rural area’. This booklet is designed to improve Kyogle Council's customer service, reduce the confusion and angst surrounding the Development Application process and promote questions and pre-DA lodgement meetings to guarantee best results.


The role of Council’s Planning Services is to encourage appropriate development which is visually attractive, sustainable and promotes the area as a desirable place for residents, businesses and visitors. The role of Building Services is to ensure existing and new buildings in the area are safe and meet the prescribed standards. Council has information fact sheets to assist customers in understanding when applications are required, the information that should be submitted in an application and relevant provisions and policies applicable to Planning and Building within the Council area. The information sheets also provide Council’s policy on consultation, general information and complete copies of the various planning policies and instruments. Council’s planning and building staff are available for consultation on all development matters. Consultations can be arranged during office hours or by appointment.


It is also an introduction for new investors to explore the benefits and issues of living and working in a rural area and to help them make their decision with their head and not their heart. The booklet shows that Kyogle Council is welcoming and well and truly open for business. This booklet aligns with industry priorities and economic development strategies and is the bi-product of workshops conducted through a partnership of Trade & Investment NSW, Kyogle Council, Growing Kyogle and extensive community and industry consultation.


Kyogle Council is a lifestyle region with an emphasis on cultural vibrancy, liveability and social cohesion. Innovative value-adding, working in partnership and good old fashioned customer service has paved the way for a thriving central business district in the town of Kyogle, bucking the trend of struggling main streets in rural communities.  With an economy built on dairy and timber, today Kyogle and the villages of Woodenbong, Old Bonalbo, Bonalbo, Tabulam and Mallanganee rely on a mixed bag of agriculture, timber, small business and tourism enterprises.  


It has diverged over the years and is now a mix of traditional and non-traditional farming. Many of today's residents are artists, craftspeople, writers, musicians and horticulturalists, other residents having established home-based activities.


Kyogle Council is an "economy in transition." While the traditional primary industry base is essential to the economic health of the Council area, emerging and developing industries include tourism which is underpinned by the Kyogle Visitor Information Centre, national parks, cultural attractions and a growing events sector. Kyogle Council’s economic strategy is to strengthen our economic base by developing agribusiness/processing, arts and cultural, organics and regional cuisine and aged care industries.


Kyogle and the villages offer affordable property, sound infrastructure, a sustainable water supply, and opportunities for diversifying agricultural production, processing, marketing and distribution in one of the fastest growing areas in regional NSW. Our location to Brisbane, regional collaboration and supportive services increase regional export potential. Opportunities exist for new businesses with sufficient land and associated infrastructure in place to cater for growing demand. Kyogle Council, with an annual operating budget of $22.5 million, has a genuine interest in encouraging business development and prosperity in the region. The Economic Development section of Council is responsive to your business needs. Priorities lay in broadening the economic base of the region through investment attraction strategies and industry development initiatives.


In 1844 the Commissioner of Crown Lands, Oliver Fry visited Kyogle and made this declaration, “No country ever came from the hand of the creator more eminently qualified to be the abode of a thriving and numerous population”. According to Regional Development Australia Northern Rivers, Kyogle and villages are in the right place at the right time. The 2014 Deloitte “Positioning for Prosperity” report identified agribusiness and tourism as two of the ‘Fantastic Five’ next wave industries being those on the point where global growth and Australian competitive advantage intersect. Kyogle Council and the Northern Rivers, with abundant natural resources and clean, green healthy brand, will be well positioned for prosperity and to enjoy riding this next wave of global opportunity.


The Kyogle LGA has experienced waves of growth from major investment and activity levels in past decades based on dairy and forestry growth to the present day lower levels of economic growth and investment. New residents are being drawn to Kyogle LGA as the ‘undiscovered country’ of Northern New South Wales – a region with traditional villages, high quality of life and a welcoming environment. All residents recognise the unique value of this region and seek to retain its best qualities while improving opportunities for its long term economic sustainability. Balance – in growth, lifestyle, investment and pace of life – is the key.


The vision for a Sustainable Kyogle is: A sustainable community – retaining our current high quality of life, and cultural diversity, creating employment for the community and attracting services that respond to the needs of the community in the town of Kyogle and villages in the Kyogle LGA.


A sustainable environment – working to retain the high quality environment of the region and ensuring that this high quality natural environment can continue to be enjoyed by visitors and residents as a lasting environmental legacy in Northern New South Wales.


A sustainable economy creating new employment opportunities whilst retaining existing key industry sectors such as agriculture, forestry and current business investment by encouraging business growth in new and emerging industries.


A focus on sustainable practices – covering energy usage such as solar power, built environment, sustainable industry practices and creating a leading example of locally driven sustainable development.


Kyogle Council is an active regional partner – working with surrounding regions in New South Wales and Queensland to create partnerships, shared initiatives and investment that generate a wider regional economic benefit.


The “Living and Working in Rural Areas” handbook (by Rob Leamonth, Rik Whitehead, Bill Boyd, Stephen Fletcher) is based on the experiences of the NSW North Coast rural community. These experiences provide ideas and practices that:

-  help you achieve a healthy life and productive rural environment

-  avoid difficulties and disputes with your neighbours.


The handbook contains practical suggestions, resources and checklists to support community harmony in our rural areas, build positive neighbourly values, and create and maintain vibrant, healthy and productive rural communities.


The Kyogle Council area offers potential investors and new residents the best of all worlds. It is close to major population centres (markets), has great transport links to major ports and it is located in arguably the most beautiful and liveable area of Australia that has a sense of community that is second to none. The LGA has good stocks of affordable land for all purposes, a willing labour force and a full range of services. That together with Kyogle Council's stated commitment to delivering a sustainable, diverse and culturally rich community while simultaneously working with and for the community to develop employment opportunities and appropriate growth, makes the Kyogle Council area a great place to visit and an ever better place to live and work.