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Visit, Live & Invest in Lismore::

A city bursting with investment, development and business potential


The real key to good business – as any good real estate agent will tell you – is to see where growth is imminent and get on the bandwagon.


Lismore is the commercial and social heart of the Northern Rivers and is poised as a centre for growth and investment.


Council has placed significant time and effort into nurturing business partnerships and developments within the city that are now thriving – and we have several housing developments that will increase our population significantly into the future. We also have major education and health developments underway, which is creating an array of opportunity for savvy investors and smart business people.


Lismore is seeing a radical rise in commercial and industrial development with figures showing there has already been $50 million worth of development approved this year alone.


Lismore can tick a lot of boxes when it comes to investment – we are a university city; we have two health precincts and the region’s major hospital; we have a vibrant CBD and retail precinct; we have industrial land for sale; we have a strong small business base; we are a regional sporting centre attracting international tournaments; we have a skilled labour force; and we have great cultural diversity and a thriving arts and community sector.


Lismore can also tick one other box that astute investors always look for – a life. We are a place that offers a lifestyle and a community that attracts people from all walks of life, who want to stay and make this place their own. We know that business can only succeed if communities do, which is why we pride ourselves on being a community that is vibrant and people feel proud to belong to.


From a business and development perspective, Lismore city has lots to offer.


Business facilitation: We are a business-friendly Council with a Manager of Economic Development who can establish conversations with Council staff and/or external partners to ensure you can establish and grow your business in Lismore. We want to cut through barriers and get you on your way.


Industry development: We have a diverse industry base with a good mix of national and local operators. Industry strengths include agriculture and food production, plus we have a major health care and allied health services sector. Our focus is on workforce development and to that end we work with industry to develop and strengthen collaborative partnerships.


Social enterprise: Social enterprise projects and community economic development initiatives are encouraged in Lismore. We put a great deal of value in our people and promote entrepreneurial activity. We have some amazing success stories and know we are a great base in which innovation in a changing world can thrive.


Economic profiling: We understand the importance of having critical business and economic data for good decision making. We have that data at our fingertips for you to access and we have excellent relationships with state and federal government agencies.


Act now to seize on the future potential Lismore holds. To start your investment conversation today, phone our Manager of Economic Development on 6625 0458.


Independent, critical economic analysis for Lismore city


The Lismore City Economic Profile provides independent, critical economic analysis for Lismore city by combining 11 different data sets to build the story of our local economy, how it’s changing and how it compares to other areas.


It is a resource we have invested in and made public so it can be used by Council, government, community groups, investors, business people, students and the general public. You can be confident about the quality of the information as it is derived from official sources and the most robust economic modelling, analysed and presented by experts. Each data source is maintained with the latest series so you can be sure you are using the most up-to-date information.


Information looks at various aspects of our economy such as gross regional product, local jobs, local businesses, employment, unemployment, population, building approvals, industry structure, journey to work and much more.


Our Manager of Economic Development can also provide specific impact assessment modelling on request. This is available to businesses, industry, community groups and organisations. This data can assist in approaching banking or financial institutions or providing evidence-based support for any strategy or proposal that will have an economic impact in the LGA. This can also be extrapolated to demonstrate the social outcomes of any activity.


In conjunction with the Lismore City Economic Profile you will also find the Lismore City Community Profile and a Social Atlas.


Lismore City Economic Profile

Sustainable Economic Advantage 2020 a first for NSW


Lismore City Council’s economic development strategy, the Sustainable Economic Advantage 2020, is a first for any regional city in NSW.


The Sustainable Economic Advantage 2020 takes a quadruple bottom-line approach to provide a vision for economic development in the future that aligns with the community’s stated environmental, social and cultural wants and needs around building sustainable livelihoods.


The strategy is an evidence-based document that took into account local community consultation processes such as the Lismore Community Sustainability Forum attended by 230 people, the Sustainable Nimbin Community Plan and the Business Retention and Expansion Survey. The survey provided Council with an up-to-date profile of Lismore businesses and their aspirations and constraints. It identified gaps and opportunities for growth and provided key real-time data that enabled us to prepare our current economic development strategy. Through the strategy's development, over 800 people participated in consultations.


The Sustainable Economic Advantage 2020 sets out a tangible framework and priorities for the next seven years that are tailor-made to help Lismore prosper.


It details flagship projects and opportunities that progress the stated vision of how residents want to see their city evolve into the future and looks at how to encourage jobs growth within a thriving local economy.


Sustainable Economic Advantage 2020


Explore the beauty and diversity of the Northern Rivers region


Lismore and Nimbin Tourism is our tourism arm and offers a wide variety of information and services for locals and visitors about everything there is to see and do in the region.


There are two Visitor Information Centres located at Lismore and Nimbin.


At the Lismore Information Centre you will find handcrafted local wares and delicious local produce for sale, an Aboriginal art gallery with changing exhibitions, an indoor rainforest that’s great for kids and colourful, interpretive displays depicting the region’s history and culture.


At the Nimbin Visitor Information Centre you can buy delightful local arts, crafts and produce from the local village and find information on experiencing the best Australia’s most famous hippie town has to offer.


Our tourism website provides a full calendar of events, accommodation bookings service, information on the region’s attractions, World Heritage-listed rainforests and distinctive villages plus a comprehensive business directory so you can enjoy local shopping and our variety of restaurants, pubs and clubs.


For more information go to Visit Lismore or see below for contact details.


Lismore Visitor Information Centre

Corner of Ballina Road and Molesworth Street
Lismore NSW 2480
1300 369 795 or 02 6626 0100


Opening times
9.30am-4pm daily (closed Christmas Day).


Nimbin Visitor Information Centre
Shop 3/46 Cullen Street
Nimbin, NSW 2480
02 6689 1388


Opening times
10am-4pm daily (closed Christmas Day).