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Lockhart Shire History


If you would like to read an account of the Lockhart Shire History an account compiled and written by F.A.Prichard  from Council minutes, letters and other Council records with some information gleaned from newspapers is avaiable here...


1906 – 1914


For eighty years after the first settlement was formed in Sydney every aspect of administration in New South Wales was centered on Sydney. As a result

of the passing of the Municipalities Act in 1867, settlements where there were a minimum population of 1,000 people within an area of ten square miles (2,560 hectares) could be formed into a Borough Council with elected local representatives who were granted limited authority over local affairs. These “Boroughs” subsequently became known as “Municipalities” and by the early 1900's there was considerable pressure to extend Local Government to the rural areas.


In 1906 the Local Government Act was proclaimed. This Act delegated a wide range of activities to Local Government as well as making provision for the establishment of 134 “Shires” covering the whole of the rural areas of the state with the exception of the western lands which were, and still are, very sparsely settled.


The Government Gazette of May 16, 1906 proclaimed the Shire of Lockhart. The boundaries of the Shire as proclaimed were almost identical with those of Lockhart Shire in 1988. Only very small changes have been made to adjust minor problem areas. This Gazette also announced the appointment of five men to act as Provisional Councillors until an election could be held. They were Walter Day and W.D. Drummond of Lockhart, E. Lynch of Milbrulong, J.B. Martin of The Rock and C.R. Smith of Mittagong.

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Lockhart Shire's Business Community


Lockhart Shire offers and encourages a diverse range of development opportunities including but not limited to expansion in the retail industry, development in the agricultural and transport industries and the establishment of tourist related businesses.


Opportunities existing in tourism product development include accommodation, dining, gourmet foods, recreational opportunities and holistic health facilities.

Lockhart Shire Council is committed to strong economic development in the region and has a genuine interest in establishing long term relationships with potential developers.


Council will provide assistance to facilitate the establishment of new businesses and the expansion of current businesses and will also coordinate access to information from government agencies.


Businesses For Sale & Lease


There are a range of business and investment opportunities currently available in Lockhart Shire, some which are listed below. Other unadvertised opportunities may be available.

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Business Assistance Programs



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Start Your Business Here


Are you interested in starting your own business???

New business venture? Choose one of the Lockhart Shire towns!

The Rock and Lockhart, close to Wagga and other major centres, offers so much m...

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