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About the Shire


A peaceful country atmosphere and tranquil lifestyle underpin the thriving agricultural communities that make up Murrumbidgee Shire. 


Established in 1906, Murrumbidgee Shire covers an area of 3,508 square kilometres including over 100 kilometres of natural river frontage to the Murrumbidgee River.  The Shire has a population of 2,400 and is currently one of the fastest growing rural local government authorities in New South Wales.


Community Overview

Covers key industries, employment opportunities, health and education, housing, sport and leisure, transport and communications, distances from major centres.


KEY INDUSTRIES Agriculture and the processing of agricultural products especially rice are key industries in Murrumbidgee Shire. Row cropping using the "raised bed" furrow irrigation system to produce crops such as maize, sweet corn, faba and soybeans, also make up a prominent part of the local agricultural industry. Substantial quantities of fruit, such as almonds and sugarplums, which are processed in the Shire are also grown.


EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES Agriculture is the most prominent employment sector in the Murrumbidgee Shire. Skill shortages vary from trades through to the service and hospitality sectors including cooks, waiters, bar attendants, cleaners and kitchen hands.


HEALTH AND EDUCATION Good quality health services are available locally with ready access to the nearby base hospital in the City of Griffith. Excellent facilities are provided for aged care and the disabled (community members run a local cafe in Coleambally providing employment for people with disabilities). Educational facilities ranging from Kindergarten to Year 12 are available in the Shire. Pre-School, playgroups and family day care services are also well established.


HOUSING Fully serviced, reasonably priced housing blocks are readily available in both Coleambally and Darlington Point. Rental properties are also available at very reasonable rates.


SPORT AND LEISURE As the newest town in NSW, Coleambally has access to modern recreational facilities including a pool complex and three ovals. Darlington Point, alongside the Murrumbidgee River, is an ideal location for walking, camping, fishing and other water based activities. Other sports, such as golf, bowls, football, cricket, tennis and netball are played thoughout the district. Clubs and hotels are present in both towns in the Shire, offering quality meals and entertainment.


TRANSPORT Coach services intrastate and to interstate capitals are available on a regular basis from Darlington Point with air services available from Griffith and a bus/rail service leaving from Darlington Point.


COMMUNICATIONS Murrumbidgee Shire has access to two commercial and one national television services as well as SBS. A selection of commercial and national AM and FM radio services can be received. Austar provides pay television services via satellite. Mobile phone coverage utilising the CDMA system is currently available in the Coleambally and Darlington Point regions. Local call access to the internet is available in both towns. The Coly-Point Observer is a locally produced newspaper that covers issues of interest to the community.


Distance from major centres


 Darlington Point:

Sydney - 630km

Melbourne - 420km

Wagga Wagga - 160km

Griffith - 35km





Sydney - 645km

Melbourne - 390km

Wagga Wagga - 190km

Griffith - 70km

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