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Visit, Live & Invest in Narrabri Shire::

Narrabri Shire at a Glance


Narrabri Shire is conveniently located halfway between Brisbane and Sydney. It is two and a half hours from the Queensland border and is well serviced by road, rail and air. The Shire’s largest town of Narrabri is positioned on the crossroads of the Newell and Kamilaroi Highways.



Narrabri Shire is a transport hub on the crossroads of the Newell and Kamilaroi Highways. There are extensive rail links for passenger and freight and a twice daily return flight to Sydney from Narrabri.



A multicultural mix of approximately 14,000 people call Narrabri Shire home.



Summer temperatures range from 20°C to 39°C with winter ranging from 0°C to 20°C. Narrabri Shire has an average rainfall of 657mm per year. It even snows on Mt Kaputar!


Business and industry

There are approximately 1,900 businesses registered in Narrabri Shire. Narrabri Shire’s gross regional product was $581.5m in 2006/07. The estimated total turnover of all industry within Narrabri Shire in 2006/07 was $868m.  National retail companies sit beside family and boutique businesses. Narrabri Shire is experiencing a boom with the growth of the mining and gas exploration industries.



There are no water problems in Narrabri Shire! With a healthy average yearly rainfall of approximately 657mm and access into extensive bore water systems, residents continually enjoy a green town landscape.


Housing and Accommodation

With a range of housing options in town or on small acreages you are bound to find a suitable residence for your family. There is a wide variety of high standard accommodation to suit if you are interested in a short stay.


Commute time to Work

With no traffic lights or traffic jams you are guaranteed to reach your destination stress-free and quickly, thereby allowing you and your family to enjoy a greater standard of living.

Your New Lifestyle


Regardless of whether you are passing through, staying for a short break or looking to relocate your business or family – Narrabri Shire is exactly what you are looking for.


Narrabri Shire is an exciting area of regional New South Wales with plenty to offer anyone wishing to pursue a vibrant and busy country lifestyle. The expansive blue sky, stunning mountain ranges, scenic water ways and fresh air will encourage you to explore and share your experiences from this diverse area.


You will find the conveniences of city living within Narrabri Shire. There are modern cafés and restaurants as well as a state-of-the-art theatre complex bringing the latest movies and live performances to the community. There is a growing appreciation within the conference market of Narrabri Shire’s facilities offering professional convention and workshop services to local, national and international businesses.


A range of outdoor festivals are celebrated throughout the year. There is a wide assortment of social, cultural and sporting events to keep people of all ages and tastes entertained. Residents are never bored due to the amount of activities available for the whole family.


Narrabri Shire is a modern regional growth centre encompassing a strong business community without the stresses and pressures of a city environment. The area has diversified from its traditional agricultural base of grain, cotton, wool, beef and prime lamb production to coal mining and gas extraction and exploration. The advent of these new resource based industries in conjunction with ancillary business is providing a breadth and depth of job opportunities for the Shire.


The retail sector in each town continues to strengthen and diversify, creating dynamic shopping experiences, bringing city pleasures to the country.


The topography of the area varies from fertile river plains through to rugged mountain ranges. As the lifeblood of the Shire, the Namoi River meanders through the vast plains.


People who enjoy the outdoors will not be disappointed with the range of activities and sights within the Shire.


Economic Development in Narrabri Shire

Narrabri Shire Council is a dynamic and progressive organisation across all sectors that it administers. It has staffing levels of approximately 130 professionals and looks after a population of approximately 14,000 residents across 13,065 square kilometres.


Within its structure, Council has created an Economic Development Section to market, promote, facilitate and encourage economic development within the Shire.


Officers within the Economic Development Section are on hand to provide valuable and practical information, advice, contacts and referrals to community, industry and government departments to facilitate a seamless transition for your business to move to Narrabri Shire.


The vision for the Narrabri Shire Economic Development Strategy and Narrabri Shire Economic Development Program was developed through consultation with Narrabri Shire Council, Council staff, key stakeholders as well as with consideration of existing strategies and plans. The Narrabri Shire Economic Development Strategy provides specific and strategic direction for economic development activities to achieve the vision for the local economy.


If you are looking to relocate your family or business to Narrabri Shire please peruse the Narrabri Shire Economic ZoneBusiness and Residents Guide and Economic Profile to discover what is available in Narrabri Shire and what we can expect to see in the future.


If you are visiting Narrabri Shire be sure to visit our Narrabri Shire Visitor Information Centre to see what sights you and your family can enjoy whilst visiting this wonderful region of New South Wales.