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Visit, Live & Invest in Parkes::


In 2022 Parkes Shire will be;

'A progressive regional centre, embracing a national logistics hub with vibrant communities, diverse opportunities, learning and healthy lifestyles.'

(Parkes Shire Council vision statement)



One of the strongest reasons why families and businesses are attracted to relocating to Parkes Shire is its geographical location. Parkes is a thriving Shire centrally located within NSW. Parkes is literally the crossroads of the Nation with the Newell Highway, connecting Brisbane and Melbourne, and the transcontinental railway linking the eastern seaboard to Perth, meeting in Parkes to form a unique logistics opportunity for Australia. Over 80% of the Australian population can be reached by road within 12 hours from Parkes.


This unique characteristic has made Parkes one of the most strategically significant locations in the future of transport and logistics in Australia. This strategic location will be boosted when the Inland Rail from Melbourne to Sydney is complete. 
The strategic location combined with a diverse economy, results in a significant Gross Regional Product (GRP) of over $1 billion per year for the Parkes Shire. The economy is underpinned by the key industries of agriculture and mining, but also has a strong transport and logistics industry, retail and public sector. Contact our Economic and Business Development Manager, Anna Wyllie to discuss the benefits of establishing your business in our Shire.

State Government Relocation Incentive Schemes


The NSW State Government has several incentive schemes to encourage businesses and families to relocate to regional NSW. Including the Regional Relocation Grant which was introduced in July 2011 and provides a one-off payment of $7,000 to eligible households (families and individuals) who relocate from the metropolitan areas of Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong to regional NSW and a new Skilled Regional Relocation Incentive of $10,000 from 1 January 2014.


For more details please visit http://www.business.nsw.gov.au/invest-in-nsw/regional-nsw


Transport & Freight


Parkes Shire has a Regional Airport which was awarded the National Regional Airport of the Year in 2011 and 2012. Regional Express (REX) operate three services a day to Sydney which means that you can be in Sydney in under an hour. This makes doing business from Parkes very attractive as it means that employees can fly to Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane in the morning for a meeting and return home to Parkes on the same day. Visiting loved ones in the city or attending specialist medical appointments is a convenient journey for our community via this important transport link. For bookings visit www.rex.com.au


The airport is about to under go a $3 million redevelopment which includes new run way lighting, car parking and an extension to the terminal. Council have also just completed a master planning exercise to open up more industrial land at the airport.


The Parkes Regional Airport main runway was updated in 2010 which provides a pavement suitable to support the operations of the airport to 2030 catering for the continued use by the Regional Passenger Transport service and occasional C130 Hercules aircraft used by the RAAF, USMC and Singapore Armed Forces and larger freight aircraft. The airport also provides access to essential services such as Angel Flight, The Royal Flying Doctors and the Air Ambulance of NSW which are regular users. Parkes airport currently operates two runways 04/22 – which is 1,684m x 45m (PCN8) (the main runway with 95% of aircraft traffic) and 11/29 – which is 1,623m x 30m (PCN6).


Freight is an important economic pillar of Parkes Shire. The National Land Freight Strategy is currently trialling the use of high performance vehicles such as super B-Doubles and B-Triples which will positively impact productivity, safety and the environment. The Newell Highway is currently the third largest freight corridor in NSW and the volume of freight moved along the highway is estimated to double by 2020.

Telecommunications Infrastructure


Not only is Parkes strategically placed geographically, but also in terms of telecommunication infrastructure. Parkes is fortunate in having fibre optic telecommunications infrastructure already in the ground. Twin fibre optic cables pass through Parkes joining Brisbane and Melbourne, and a third fibre optic cable connects Parkes with Sydney. This infrastructure provides a high level of redundancy (that is , self repairing) and communications security.


The rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN) will further strengthen telecommunications and increase the opportunity for virtual communication, vastly reducing the tyranny of distance and dramatically increasing the opportunities and decreasing cost for organisations to relocate to this regional centre.

Strong Regional Centre


Despite severe drought over the last decade, Parkes has remained an attractive investment location. Compared to other similar sized regional areas in Australia Parkes has a strong and diverse economy. The Community Strategic Plan states “that we should be looking for opportunities for growth in transport, mining, agriculture, industry, tourism, government services, broadband technology and retail.”


Parkes has a diverse and robust economy. The Shire generated Gross Regional Product (GRP) of more than $1.0 billion in 2010-11, representing annual GRP growth of 2.3%. This exceeded the growth rate of NSW with Gross State Product (GSP) of 2.1% in the same period. Parkes Shire is in the fortunate position of having strong investment, with CMOC Northparkes Mine investing $115 million in a pre-feasibility study for their Step Change Project. Northparkes is a joint venture between China Molybdenum Co., Ltd (CMOC) (80%) and the Sumitomo Groups (20%). The Step Change Project is designed to expand the Mine labour force from 600 to 930 with an additional construction workforce of approximately 1500 and increase longevity of the operation beyond 2041.


Parkes Shire Council, with the approval from the State Government, has rezoned 516 hectares of agricultural and industrial land on the western edge of the town for the development of the Parkes National Logistics Hub. The site has been specifically zoned for the 24 hour, 7 days per week operation of the multi-modal transport facility (www.parkeshub.com.au.).



Parkes' strong sense of communuity


In considering relocating, the needs of your family or employees and their families need to be taken into consideration. Parkes is a community that is used to welcoming new residents. People from all over Australia and the world come to work at various organisations such as CMOC Northparkes Mine, the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), the CSIRO Parkes Radio Telescope and various other employers. The Parkes Shire also attracts many people who are looking for a “tree change” and a more affordable lifestyle for their families. For information about employment, please explore the Shire's employment page. Additionally, Parkes has one of the lowest crime rates in NSW.


Parkes Shire Council has initiated a “Meet and Greet” BBQ for new residents where they can meet representatives from the services clubs, sporting organisations and community groups. The BBQs will be held twice a year with the aim to welcome and help new residents to integrate into the community.


New 2012 Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) figures show that more people are calling the Parkes Shire home, with the population increasing from 14,895 people in 2006 to 15,148 in 2012. More information about becoming a resident can be found on our New Residents page.



Parkes has a well serviced health industry, with a strong hospital that can cater for accidents and emergencies, elective surgery as well as obstetrics, currently handling over 200 births a year. Parkes Shire has a commitment from the NSW State Government for $72.5 million to build a new hospital. The new hospital will provide state of the art technology which will take advantage of the NBN and expand current health services that will link residents to medical services that once required travel of hundreds of kilometres to access.


Planning for the project is now complete and a State Significant Development Application submitted to the Department of Planning and Infrastructure. To view the latest information on this project visit the Lachlan Health Service Project website. Plans of the Parkes hospital redevelopment will be on public exhibition from mid-March at Planning & Environment NSW.


Parkes has three Medical Centres, several dentists, physiotherapists and chiropractors, an imaging and radiography service and a strong community health unit, which includes speech therapists, community nurses, social workers, dieticians and mental health professionals.


Parkes’ strong sense of community is demonstrated in the community fund raising events such as the GP Cup, where the community annually raises over $20,000 to pay recruitment costs for new GP’s.
Plans are underway for the Parkes Garden Estate with development approved for the $190M facility. This exciting aged care facility will ultimately accommodate up to 900 new residents and will provide opportunities for increased general practitioners and specialised health care personnel.





Parkes Shire is proud of its young people and of its education system. Within Parkes there are 3 Pre-schools (and 2 part-time pre-schools set up at Middleton Public School and Parkes East Public School), a successful Family Day Care Scheme, 4 Primary schools (three public and one Catholic), one High School and a Christian School which goes from Kindergarten to year 12. All of the smaller communities in the Shire also boast progressive Central Schools.


Parkes is well equipped to deal with the educational needs of families who may relocate. The first objective of the Parkes Shire Council Community Strategic Plan is to 'Develop Lifelong Learning Opportunities.'

Paint the Town REaD


Parkes is the home of the early literacy community scheme Paint the Town REaD which has been running since the early 1990's. Paint the Town REaD encourages the whole community to read, talk, sing and rhyme with children from birth so that they will be ready for reading and writing at school. Parents are given the gift of a book whilst they are still in the Parkes Maternity Unit and are encouraged to start reading to their child. Paint the Town REaD now takes its message, 'Read, talk, sing and rhyme with your child from birth' across New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and beyond.

Parkes Shire Library - One of the best in the State

Parkes Library supports families nurturing the development of their children's pre-reading skills by regularly offering pre-schoolers and their parents/carers fun-filled and engaging programs during the school term. Interactive stories, rhymes, songs, music, body movement and finger plays create the perfect setting for children to use their imagination and enjoy early literacy as a complete sensory experience. Children are encouraged to join the library, then borrow after each session so that the good habits can be continued at home.


'Preparing children to read really shouldn't be that hard', said Tracie Mauro, Parkes Branch Librarian. 'Love them; make them feel safe. Read, talk sing and rhyme to them everyday and watch their foundation skills develop.' Parkes Shire Library can also assist parents by providing a wide range reading material. Board books, picture books, special literacy development collections, stories, songs and rhymes on compact disc are all held by the Library.

Parkes University Study Centre and TAFE Campus


Council is working hard to find innovative ways to provide lifelong learning opportunities for the people of the Parkes Shire and the wider Central West. Parkes has a University Study Centre which is a joint initiative between Parkes Shire Council, TAFE Western and Charles Sturt University and supports students studying via Distance Education and also offers a Post Graduate Certificate in Management.


The Parkes TAFE College forms part of the TAFE Western NSW institute and offers a range of certificate level courses in business, mining, welding, access and general education, computing and hospitality as well as additional tertiary options for students studying in Parkes as part of a joint initiative with Charles Sturt University.


The award winning Parkes Birth to Kindergarten Reading Program ensures that literacy is high on the educational agenda at home and at school.



Parkes Shire has a thriving tourism industry with numerous events throughout the year and a large number of passing visitors along the Newell Highway. Overall, the tourism industry generates more than $48 million to the Parkes economy annually. The primary attractions are The Dish and major annual events including the Elvis Festival, Tullamore Irish Festival, Trundle Bush Tucker Day and ABBA Festival and the Peak Hill Spit and Spud as well as major sporting fixtures, car rallies and conventions. For more information visit Parkes Tourism.


Cultural facilities include the Parkes Little Theatre, Library and Cultural Centre and Henry Parkes Centre. The Henry Parkes Centre incorporates the Parkes Visitor Information Centre and four unique collections including The King’s Castle Elvis Exhibit, Parkes Motor Museum, Henry Parkes Museum (traditional history collection) and Antique Machinery Collection. Parkes enjoys a sister city link with Coventry, which is the oldest of the 505 such links in Australia and dates back to 1938.

Sport and Recreation


Sporting facilities to earn the admiration of the most discerning enthusiast are found in Parkes. These include a solar heated Olympic Swimming Pool, an 18 hole grass-green Golf Course, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Little Athletics and AFL ovals, Synthetic Hockey Field, 3 turf wicket ovals for Cricket, 15 synthetic Tennis Courts, Squash, Basketball and Netball complexes, 2 Bowling Clubs, Racecourse, Trotting Track, Soccer Fields, Aero Club, Archery, Paintball and various forms of shooting ranges.

For more information or to discuss how Council can help your business achieve its goals, please contact the Economic and Business Development Manager - Anna Wyllie on 02 6861 2333 or council@parkes.nsw.gov.au




"Economic development involves the creation of wealth through increase in business activity, profitable output, investment, employment and income which generates benefits for the community."


Why is Economic Development Important to the Parkes Shire?


The Parkes Shire boasts a strong, diverse economy, with a Gross Regional Product (GRP) of over $1 billion per year. The economy is underpinned by the key industries of agriculture and mining, but also has a strong transport and logistics industry, retail and public sector.


It is Council’s role to endeavour to ensure that all communities within the Parkes Shire have a thriving local economy. A strong economy means more job opportunities, a vibrant community sprit, a growing population and greater access to education and health care services, all of which are essential to maintaining growth and prosperity.


How does Council contribute to Economic Development?


While Council does not have direct control over a number of key economic factors, such as employment, investment, retail sales and large infrastructure development, Council can influence, encourage and nurture the economy to develop. Growing and diversifying the economic base of the Shire is one of the key strategic objectives outlined in the Parkes Shire Community Strategic Plan. Council has adopted an Economic Development Plan to guide decision making in the areas of: supporting existing local businesses; promotion of the Parkes Shire; investment attraction and lobbying.



Council actively promotes the Parkes Shire as a place to invest and do business. Council is keen to hear about industries, business, suppliers, which would benefit your business, and the Shire. If your business is expanding or relocating the EBDM can assist by facilitating meetings with Council staff. Council is developing a newsletter which will feature local business success stories which will be used to promote the Shire to potential investors and residents.


The EBDM’s role is to facilitate greater investment and information flow by encouraging partnerships, hosting networking activities and providing business development opportunities. Throughout the coming year Council intends to host a series of industry events and will invite guest speakers to talk about current issues. If there is a topic that you believe would be of benefit please contact the EBDM.


Council encourages investment and economic activity through it’s strategic planning framework and Economic Development Plan. It is Council’s role to ensure there is adequate land available for residential and industrial developments. Council currently has industrial land available for sale ready for immediate development.


The EBDM can help your business remain viable and grow. If you have an idea that your would like some help to develop or you would simply like to discuss matters confidentially do not hesitate to contact the EBDM.


How can the Economic and Business Development Manager help your business?



Council lobbies government on behalf of the community for major infrastructure projects, such as Peak Hill Multi-Purpose Centre, Parkes Hospital, Parkes Police Station, upgrades to the Airport, roads and highways, the Melbourne to Brisbane Inland Rail, and for the National Broadband Network (NBN). Projects like these are important to the economy.


Council regularly meets with the local Federal and State member of Parliament, and also corresponds with State and Federal Ministers. Council’s EBDM can, on your behalf, lobby government when your business has been adversely effected by a decision, or would benefit from a change in government policy or process.



Service provision is one of the major functions of local government. A reliable supply of infrastructure and service can support development opportunities. If you believe that Council can provide a better or improved service to your business please contact the EBDM. Council values your feedback.



Council's Economic & Business Development Manager


Anna Wyllie has been living in Parkes for seven years and grew up in regional NSW. She was formerly the Parkes University Study Centre Co-ordinator and has a Bachelor in Commerce. Anna has previously worked in the finance industry for large multinational companies as a Business Development Manager and for a regional charity in Canada as their General Manager. Anna is passionate about the strength of the underlying economy and mix of businesses in the Shire. Simply put Economic Development leads to prosperity.

For more information or to discuss how Council can help your business achieve its goals, please contact the Economic and Business Devlopment Manager - Anna Wyllie on 02 6861 2333 or council@parkes.nsw.gov.au