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Visit, Live, Study & Invest in Richmond::

The Richmond Valley is open for business. Council has a dedicated economic development team focussed on growing the economy of this attractive region by working with businesses, assisting investment to the region and making our area a competitive place for business.

It’s good to talk and we are eager to talk with you about your ideas, your plans and your future. We would welcome an opportunity to assist you in developing your business in the Richmond Valley
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Richmond Valley Council’s economic development team

Richmond Valley Council’s economic development team can help with business development, investment or relocation, event promotion and tourism across the Richmond Valley.  We are here to help you get the assistance you need to grow your business. Whether we can help you or whether we can direct you to others, we will be pleased to hear from you with any business, event or tourism enquiry.


John Walker
General Manager
Phone: 02 6660 0300


Cherie Holdsworth
Economic Development & Events Officer
Phone: 02 6660 0232


Hayley Hancock
Events Officer
Phone: 02 6660 0277


Rebecca Ryan
Tourism Coordinator
Phone: 02 6660 0326