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About Ryde


The City of Ryde is located 12 kilometres north-west of central Sydney. There are 16 suburbs within our City, with a mix of residential living and successful business, retail and educational centres. There is also a wide range of natural landscapes, beautiful parks, scenic waterways and areas of historical significance.


City Profile



The City of Ryde has an area of 40.651 sq kms and lies in the central northern part of the Sydney Metropolitan area, approximately 12kms from the centre of Sydney.

The City occupies most of the divide between the Parramatta and Lane Cove rivers, and has 16 suburbs within its boundaries.



The suburbs that make up the Ryde area include (where they are shared suburbs the other Council's name is noted in brackets):

  • Chatswood West (Willoughby)
  • Denistone
  • Denistone East
  • Denistone West
  • East Ryde
  • Eastwood (Hornsby)
  • Gladesville (Hunters Hill)
  • Macquarie Park
  • Marsfield
  • Meadowbank
  • Melrose Park (Parramatta)
  • North Ryde
  • Putney
  • Ryde
  • Tennyson Point
  • West Ryde.



The City has an annual rainfall of 863.3mm. Average temperatures in July range from 7.9 deg C to 17.7 deg C and in January range from 19 deg C to 28.1 deg C.


Climate Average Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
Max. Temp (Deg C) 27.4 27.0 25.6 23.4 20.3 17.3
Min. Temp (Deg C) 17.2 17.2 15.3 11.8 9.2 6.7
Mean Rainfall (mm) 124.6 137.2 147.0 112.9 99.6 107.3
Climate Average Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Max. Temp (Deg C) 17.0 18.6 20.9 23.4 24.7 27.3
Min. Temp (Deg C) 5.0 5.7 8.1 11.0 13.2 16.0
Mean Rainfall (mm) 52.8 57.5 56.3 80.5 91.5 83.9

Housing and Land Use


The land area is largely occupied by residential dwellings. In mid-2006, Ryde had 39,998 dwellings. The most common kinds of dwellings in Ryde are separate houses, of which there were some 20,638 in 2006 (54.5% of Ryde's dwellings). Of other common types of dwellings, there were about 11,344 walk-up flats/units and 5,697 townhouses or semi's.

The most commonly-built types of dwelling over the previous five years were walkup flats/units, with 6,544 more dwellings since 2001, and townhouses or semi's with 2,697 more.

Ryde also has a wide variety of retail and manufacturing establishments. The city's retail and commercial areas are generally concentrated around Ryde, Gladesville, West Ryde and Eastwood, with the newest and largest centre located at the Macquarie Centre. The North Ryde industrial area is a national centre of technology-oriented land uses and is the most important employment area within the city.

There is 265 hectares of local open space in the Ryde City area inclusive of the natural areas of Archers Creek, the Denistone catchment, Kitty's Creek, Porters Creek, Shrimpton's Creek, Terrys Creek, Buffalo Creek, Pages Creek, the Parramatta River foreshores, and Lane Cove National Park. Lane Cove National Park is located part within the Ryde City area and part within the Municipality of Kuring-gai. Administered by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service the park occupies 374 hectares of land along the Lane Cove River, and represents an important area of remnant bushland. The park is a popular location for picnics, barbecues, walking, jogging, cycling, canoeing, bushwalking and scenic drives.

Major sporting facilities are located at Meadowbank Park, ELS Hall Park, Pioneer Park, Gannan Park, and Dunbar Park; with passive recreation areas at Jim Walsh Park, Yamble Reserve, and Pioneer Park. There are many walking and cycling tracks in the Ryde area particularly along the foreshores of the Parramatta River.



For information and statistics on living arrangements, local economy, skills and training, and cultural diversity please view the Community Profile (External link), Population Forecast (External link) and Community Atlas (External link) applications.



Many important educational and special use establishments are located in Ryde, including Macquarie University, Ryde and Meadowbank Colleges of TAFE, the CSIRO, Ryde and Macquarie Hospitals and the New South Wales Corrective Services Academy.

For more information on local services access the Community Information Directory (External link).

Ryde Hospital, the Gladesville Macquarie Hospital, the Royal Rehabilitation Centre, and the Children's Cochlear Implant Centre are all located in the City of Ryde area.

The City of Ryde is serviced by the Northern rail link, as well as a number of main roads including Victoria Road, Pittwater Road, Church Street, Devlin Street, Lane Cove Road, Blaxland Road, Epping Road, Marsden Road, and the M2 Motorway.




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