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Visit, Live, Study & Invest in Shoalhaven::

The Shoalhaven is blessed with perhaps the most scenically beautiful landscapes on the east coast of Australia, ranging from the lush rainforests of the Kangaroo Valley, to the many miles of exquisite beaches along its eastern boundary. Stretching from Berry in the north to North Durras in the south, our temperate climate is comfortable all year round, with balmy sea breezes to cool in summer and clean crisp air for long country walks in winter.

Rich in local culture, our many annual festivals have become landmarks on the getaway calendar. Winter is the time for our Shoalhaven Wine Festival and several Arts Festivals which are gaining a solid reputation for their high calibre. We have 20 vineyards within our boundary, and 11 have cellar doors open to the public with local tours making a wine-tasting weekend a great idea for weekend tipplers.

Throughout the Shoalhaven we have colourful weekend markets, and on any given weekend there will be one to amble through, a popular pastime after a leisurely Sunday brunch.

Our fresh produce is bountiful and locally farmed and harvested, including delectable seafood, market gardens producing top quality produce, wine, dairy produce, coffee and olive oil, all making a dining experience one to remember.

Accommodation options cover the full gamut from luxury retreats through to award winning bed and breakfasts, resorts, motels, caravan parks, rental apartments and lots of holiday cottages and cabins. For those who haven’t yet decided, it’s worthwhile checking out Shoalhaven Holidays (new window) and you will find lots more on our many and varied attractions.

Our Shoalhaven welcomes you, your family and friends. Come, relax, stay awhile, and most of all …. enjoy. 

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Some of the beautiful local surf beaches with links to beach conditions etc

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Details of public transport routes, and contact information for buses, trains and taxis with links to timetables

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Businesses and associations in the Shoalhaven

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Locations, contact details for local museums

Parks and playgrounds 

The Shoalhaven has around 1200 parks and reserves to enjoy. 

Relocating to the Shoalhaven

Information if you are thinking about relocating to the Shoalhaven or are a recent arrival - including schools, shopping, employment and more

Shoalhaven statistics 

Various statistics about the Shoalhaven

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Aquatic centres, village and sea pools provide a range of swimming facilities

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Council actively supports and promotes sustainable economic development and job creation in the Shoalhaven. 

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