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Victoria Daly Shire Council believes in building a strong sense of community across the region.


The Council aims towards ensuring all communities are strong, safe and healthy - abundant with respect for different cultures.


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    Pine Creek

    Councillor for Pine Creek: Veronica Birrell Veronica.Birrell@vicdaly.nt.gov.au Mobile: 0499 591 213 Council Services Manager: Jocelyn Moir Jocelyn.Moir@vicdaly.nt.gov.au Mobile:0429 709 009 Office:  08 89761391 Pine Creek is situated at the junction of the Stuart and Kakadu Highway. An easy 2 hour drive south…

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    Councillor for Yarralin: Brian Pedwell Brian.Pedwell@vicdaly.nt.gov.au Mobile: 0499 5263 26 Council Service Manager: Malcom Fox  Office: (08) 89750839 Email: Malcom.Fox@vicdaly.nt.gov.au Yarralin, also known as Walangeri, is an Aboriginal community located 382km south-west of Katherine. It is 16km west of the…

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    Timber Creek

    Councillor for Timber Creek: Acting Mayor Steven Hennessy  Steven.Hennessy@vicdaly.nt.gov.au Mobile: 0458 571 307 Council Service Manager: Susanne Kimpton Susanne.Kimpton@vicdaly.nt.gov.au Office: (08) 8975 0860 Mobile: 0439 750 344 Office hours are 8am to 4pm Timber Creek is located 286km south west of Katherine along the…

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    Nauiyu / Daly River

    Councillor Andrew McTaggart Email: Andrew.McTaggart@vicdaly.nt.gov.au CouncilServices Manager  Len Waldron Office: 08 89782422 Email: Len.Waldron@vicdaly.nt.gov.au    Nauiyu is a small and peaceful community nestled on the banks of the Daly River, considered by many as…

  5. Kalkarindji / Daguragu

    Councillor for Kalkarindji/Daguragu: Georgina Macleod Georgina.Macleod@vicdaly.nt.gov.au Mobile: 0447 985 773 Council Services Manager: Dennis Braitling Office: 08 89750357 Email: Dennis.Braitling@vicdaly.nt.gov.au   The communtiy of Kalkarindji is located in the southern region of the Victoria Daly Region. It is abundant…




Economy and Infrastructure


Council plays a key role in developing the right factors for businesses, infrastructure and the economy to expand.

The key objectives are:

  • creating the right climate and environment for positive growth
  • ensuring the development of necessary infrastructure to facilitate employment of local residents in a digital economy
  • diversifying the economy by identifying future employment types, in order to maintain high and stable levels of employment
  • ensuring community development enhances quality of life and contributes to sustainable communities
  • encouraging enterprise and innovation raising the skills of local people


Economy: The Council plays an important role in the economic development for the region and recognises the need to build a robust and stable financial structure that will help build stronger communities within the region. This will enable the creation of wealth, prosperity and jobs in line with council’s vision of moving forward together and being one of Australia’s most sustainable regions. The goal for council in terms of economic development for the region is to have a mature, diversified economy that will further enrich the Shire's quality of life, natural environment and diverse cultures with a growing commitment to sustainability. Council aims to build an economy that it is more resilient to the peaks and troughs of current economic cycles and for local communties, businesses, infrastructure and technology to have a reputation for sustainability and success, both nationally and internationally. Council will continue to work closely with the range of public, private and community stakeholders to successfully deliver a stronger economy and ensure that the Shire is flexible enough to respond as necessary to any changes that are occurring in the economy



Development: Council aims to create a dynamic business environment that secures prosperity through sustainable growth within the communities. The Victoria Daly region has a diverse economy ranging from tourism and agriculture to mining and environmental related fields.


Infrastructure: Victoria Daly Regional Council manages a complex network of sealed, gravel, formed and flat bladed track roads across a local government area in excess of 167,575km2.


With such an enormous road distance, Victoria Daly Regional Council operates on a limited budget to undertake the following to ensure that all roads within the Council are maintained to an appropriate standard:


  • All maintenance, upgrade and construction works for all sealed & unsealed roads;
  • Footpaths, kerbing, road verges, drainage;
  • Traffic management plans; and
  • Traffic advisory & calming.


From time to time, the Council is successful in attaining additional funding for Local Roads & Traffic Management through Natural Disaster Relief & Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA) which funds vital repairs to roads that have been in Natural Disasters or through one-off Special Purpose Grants.



The Northern Territory has a Gross Regional Product (GRP) estimated at $14.6 billion (2008). This has contributed greatly to the VDRC's economy. For more information on the NT, click here or for some general figures please see below:



Work In Progress:

  • NEW Daly River Bridge, part of the largest ever investment in the region to improve access for the Daly River region, Wadeye, Palumpa and Peppimenarti. This new bridge (fully funded by the NT Government), will improve access for the fishing, tourism and pastoral sectors of the region and boost the Territory’s export trade. The existing crossing floods about 114 days a year and the new bridge is not expected to flood more than five days each year. The bridge will also provide employment for some of the locals as part of the Indigenous Employment Program.


Interesting Statistic: The reconstruction of a road to National Highway Standard can cost up to $900,000 per kilometre and upgrading an unsealed arterial road to a sealed standard can cost up to $600,000 per kilometre. (Source: 4.9.6 Review of Councils' Financial Sustainability)


Emerging Issues: In 2012, Local Roads & the NDRRA were identified as an emerging issues across all Northern Territory Regional Councils in the Review of Councils' Financial Sustainability.


"The aging of the road network and the shift to a higher standard of rural roads has meant an increased demand on funding for maintenance. The cost of improving and maintaining road infrastructure is a major budgetary consideration. In the Territory, vast distances, a dispersed population, river and marine barriers, seasonal inundation and a low tax base substantially impact on the standard and high cost of this infrastructure. The need to transport road construction materials long distances and difficult access to materials due to land tenure and environmental concerns also contributes to the cost and complexity of these challenges. " (Source : 4.9.6 Review of Councils' Financial Sustainability.)


The ratings for local roads were in the range of bad to average. This clearly relates to the limited funding provided to communities which has not changed in four years which means the grant has actually decreased by approximately 30 per cent. Traffic management plans for all major communities are included as an action within this plan. Council continue to develop the road construction businesses in both Nauiyu and Yarralin. Council continues to struggle with funding to improve roads and streets within our communities. Constant vandalism of street lighting exhausts funding to carry out repairs.





The Victoria Daly Region is more than a place to do business – it’s a lifestyle choice rich in culture, natural beauty and opportunity.

For more information please contact the Director of Infrastructure and Civil Services on (08) 8972 0706