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Wagga Wagga


Wagga Wagga History


In December 1829, the early colonists first sighted the land on which the flourishing City of Wagga Wagga now stands.

Armorial Bearings

Armorial Bearings

The Armorial Bearings of the City Of Wagga Wagga

City Flag

City Flag

Wagga Wagga City Flag

Important Dates

Important Dates

Key dates and events in Wagga Wagga

Mayors of Wagga Wagga

Mayors of Wagga Wagga

A listing of all Wagga Wagga Mayors

Murrumbidgee River

Murrumbidgee River and Floods

Aboriginal for "Plenty Water" or "Big Water", the Murrumbidgee is an important river of the Murray-Darling System.

Sister City

Sister Cities

Wagga Wagga has affiliations with Nordlingen in Bavaria Germany, Kunming in Yunnan Province China and Leavenworth in Kansas USA.




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Wagga Wagga is one of Australia's largest inland cities and is currently growing at an annual rate higher than the state average. This strong growth rate underpins its economy and lifestyle.

The city is the capital of the Riverina with strengths in defence, manufacturing, agriculture and education. Assisting and guiding the city's development is the 26-member team employed by the WaggaWagga City Council's Commercial and Economic Directorate.

The Directorate takes a fully integratedapproach, working closely with other Council departments in generating positive outcomes for new and existing businesses.

If you are a new business wishing to relocate, or an existing business wishing to expand, our mission is to assist you! Please don't hesitate to contact us on 1300 292 442.The city welcomes you and invites you to become part of Wagga Wagga's exciting future.

To view information on Council operated businesses, please click here.


Council Businesses



Services for Wagga Wagga are operated from Regional Express and Qantas Link.



Bomen Business Park

Bomen Business Park straddles either side of the railway between Melbourne and Sydney and has excellent access to the State and National road network - including the Olympic Highway and Sturt Highway.

Livestock Marketing Centre

Livestock Marketing Centre

One of Australia's premier livestock markets selling close to
2 million sheep and 150,000 prime cattle a year and delivering innovation to the industry.







2014 Economic Snapshot 

To help understand the City of Wagga Wagga and its economic credentials, the Commercial and Economic Development team develop an Economic Snapshot. 

The 2014 Economic Snapshot focuses on employment, gross regional product and also highlights some strongly performing sectors of our economy.

View the current Economic Snapshot here.

Hard copies of the Snapshot are available for your benefit, please contact if you would like a copy.



Remplan Economic Profile

Remplan's Wagga Wagga Economic Profile provides up to date data about the nature of the local economy. It is a resource that can be included in analysis and reports and can help businesses when making the decision to relocate to Wagga Wagga. This tool uses the latest available data and statistics and presents them in a user-friendly format that can be narrowed down to specific industries, compared with benchmarks, and used to identify trends over time. All results can be easily downloaded or shared across social media platforms. As new statistical data becomes available the Wagga Wagga City Economic Profile will be updated to reflect changes.

See Remplan's Wagga Wagga Economic profile



GROW Wagga Wagga

A blueprint for continued economic growth of the city
2008 through to 2018

Download GROW_WaggaWagga.pdf GROW_Wagga Wagga Blueprint (115KB)