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Sydney has gradually transitioned from a single metropolitan economy into a series of local economies. Waverley Council recognises the need to support local business activity and the importance of generating employment opportunities through strategic planning.


Support is shared by the NSW Government, with an increasing focus on improving the state economy. Their strategy identifies the Bondi Junction town centre as part of Sydney's Global Economic Corridor. It encourages the centre to continue to evolve as the region's commercial core concentrating in retail, office and services, supplemented by additional commercial activity outside the centre.


The aim of Council's Economic Development Unit is to support Waverley's community by:


  • Identifying gaps in the local economy that can be addressed through strategies
  • Strengthening existing industry sectors
  • Attracting and strengthening emerging industry sectors
  • Improving competitiveness and diversity
  • Identifying opportunities to generate employment growth
  • Improving government services to the business community
  • Engaging with local stakeholders and monitoring the local economy
  • Developing local networks of collaborators and partners
  • Advocating for Waverley and securing funding for major initiatives
  • Responding to long-term local, national and global trends

Economic Profile


A comprehensive economic study prepared for the Eastern Suburbs provides greater insight into our employment base and major industries. The joint study was commissioned in conjunction with Randwick and Woollahra Councils, and examined relevant policy framework, current and future trends, industry mix and suggested future directions. The study confirmed that the Bondi Junction to Bondi Beach economic corridor, which is dominated by retail, makes a significant contribution to the eastern suburbs regional economy.


All findings from the study will help inform Waverley’s future Economic Development Strategy, along with further research that is currently underway.



Economic Development involves understanding how current and future trends will influence Waverley’s economy. Basic facts, figures and observations into these trends were presented at the Waverley Business Forum.




Economic Development Strategy


An Economic Development Strategy can provide direction and certainty. Council is working towards delivering its first strategy in 2014, outlining Council's intent on stimulating local business activity across Waverley. Research has begun on an extensive range of relevant economic development practises implemented locally and internationally. We have identified the following guiding principles for the strategy:


  • Diversified and resilient local economy
  • Concentration on high-value and sustainable growth
  • Promote greater collaboration with industry sectors
  • Advocate innovation and uniqueness
  • Maintain our regions social and environmental attributes


Council’s Economic Development Strategist is responsible for delivering the strategy in a coordinated effort with the Economic Development Working Group. 

More information


For more information or to discuss Waverley's Economic Development strategies in more detail, please contact:

Council's Economic Development Strategist
Ph: 9369 8000