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On the Southern outskirts of Sydney, Wollondilly is surrounded by spectacular natural beauty and rural pastures. Its 2,560 km2 stretch from Yanderra in the south and Appin and Menangle in the east, to Warragamba in the north and the Nattai Wilderness and Burragorang Valley in the west.


The district is rich in Aboriginal and European history. A colourful tapestry interweaves the Dreamtime legends of the Gundangurra and Tharawal people on a backdrop of gorges, ranges and plains, with a rural patchwork created by the white settlers who followed the first fleet's famous staying cattle to the Cowpastures.


Today, it is the lifestyle of the area that attracts visitors and Council is committed to a planned and balanced development that will maintain community values and lifestyle choices.


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Wollondilly is a popular destination for visitors, yet the name is often unfamiliar until memories stir with the mention of more prominent features such as Razorback Range and Burragorang Valley or towns like Picton, Appin and Warragamba.


Wollondilly, on the south western outskirts of Sydney and at the foothills of the Southern Highlands, is surrounded by spectacular, natural beauty and rural pastures. It's 2,560 square kilometres stretch from Bargo in the south, Appin and Menangle in the east, Warragamba in the north with the Nattai wilderness, Yerranderie Ghost Town and Burragorang Valley to the west.


The district is rich in aboriginal and European history. The earliest known inhabitants of the district were the natives of the Gundangurra Tribe, who gave the area its name. The word Wollondilly is attributed to having three meanings, including:

"A place where spirits dwell" and "Water trickling over rocks"


The third meaning is connected to a legend about the burning black coal that was carried inside the skull of a bunyip, within a basket woven of waratah stems. "Worron" means black coal and "dilly" means carry basket.


A colourful tapestry interweaves the Dreamtime legends of the Gundangurra and Tharawal people on a backdrop of gorges, ranges and plains with a rural patchwork created by the white settlers who followed the first fleets famous straying cattle to the Cowpastures.


Each of the towns and villages have their own stories to tell and personalities to meet but the rural charm with country hospitality is found everywhere.


Yet, today, it is the life and liveliness of the area that attracts visitors who come to participate in adventure activities and sports.


Whatever your interest, there's a warm Wollondilly welcome waiting for you.


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Towns Within The Shire


Towns and Villages within Wollondilly Shire are listed below:

A List of Towns Within The Shire
Belimbla Park
Brownlow Hill
Camden Park



Douglas Park

Mount Hunter
Mowbray Park
Nattai and the Burragorang Valley
Pheasants Nest


The Oaks
Theresa Park



Wollondilly Lifestyle


Uniquely situated, Wollondilly is only one hour's drive to the centre of  Sydney's CBD, Kingsford Smith Airport and Port Botany. Wollongong and the southern beaches are less than 30 minutes away and it's just over two hour's drive to Canberra.


This close proximity of many locations through major road and rail links has convinced a large number of Australia's major companies to choose Macarthur as the area for their manufacture and distribution centres.


Wollondilly Council has developed plans to take advantage of the rural character of our location. Newly established housing estates offer a wide range of housing options. Suburbs are designed so as to encourage community belonging and identity. Housing options include rural residential, middle priced and executive homes. Urban and rural living are in close proximity while dwellings and land are at affordable prices.


Education is another area where Wollondilly is well serviced, with public and private schools accessible to all Wollondilly students. Students wishing to continue their studies at TAFE have two colleges at Campbelltown and Macquarie Fields. These colleges offer business and education based courses, are responsive to industries and play an active part in developing and improving business and trade schools in the region. The University of Western Sydney Macarthur and the University of Wollongong offers a variety of under graduate and post graduate courses and continuing education programs. These offerings have expanded the export potential of education and attracted foreign students. With its community focus, university tuition is geared to add to the business relevant skills of the region.


Wollondilly's lifestyle typifies Australia's love of outdoor activities. Thirlmere Lakes, along with many other parks, rivers and natural areas, allow visitors and residents the chance to experience nature and scenic beauty. Well-developed sporting facilities offer strong local competition for cricket, netball, all types of football, golf, swimming andnumerous other sports. More than 400 sporting and recreational outlets cater to a broad range of activities and interests.


Shopping in Wollondilly is easy, with a range of options from malls and district centres to main street shopping. Art and craft outlets, historic pubs, tourist information centres, historic streetscapes and many restaurants and wedding reception centres all serve the district, often while preserving this important heritage architecture.


Top quality food, service and entertainment are also available from Wollondilly's clubs, hotels and restaurants at inexpensive prices. These venues also provide large numbers of jobs for local residents, helping the region's economy.


No matter where you look in the Wollondilly Shire, you'll see a well-organised and diverse tourist industry catering for just about every type of activity and interest. The region has a major advantage in offering rural based activity to the inbound and domestic market. Once again many colonial homes and buildings provide a perfect backdrop.


As you can see, we have just about everything; location, industry, road and rail links, health, education and lifestyle. But more importantly, we've got space to grow; for your business, your family your lifestyle. Wollondilly offers unlimited opportunities for expansion right on Sydney's doorstep. Why don't you take the time and have a look. We think you'll be very pleased by what you see.