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iSOFT is one of the largest global healthcare IT provider that designs, develops and implements advanced healthcare solutions to hospitals, laboratories, clinics, GPs, pharmacies and support agencies to ensure a continuity of care across all care settings.

Today iSOFT is a major supplier of software applications across the globe, supporting the delivery of healthcare to more than 300 million people.

Being a world leader in designing, building and delivering software solutions for the entire healthcare industry, we believe healthcare should be built around the needs of the individual. This is why we develop IT solutions with a human-centric design. Our solutions make information-sharing between carers and institutions more efficient and meaningful.

iSOFT works across with administrators and clinicians alike to provide the most appropriate solution strategy for each situation. Our solutions ensure continuity of care and the ability for all participants in healthcare to connect, communicate and collaborate. iSOFT’s ultimate goal is to improve the quality, timeliness and experience of care.


Delivering innovative, scalable solutions

iSOFT’s range of internationally recognised solutions automate critical patient care processes and support defined workflows to improve outcomes. With accurate, timely information available at the point of care, health professionals are able to focus on the patient in front of them. The transfer, storage and availability of information held within each electronic patient record, becomes the vital foundation of an individual’s journey across the care continuum.

iSOFT provides solutions across the healthcare continuum:


Enterprise Management

Clinical Management

Patient Management

Laboratory Solutions

Radiology Solutions

Pharmacy Solutions

Medication Management

Emergency Suite Solutions

Operating Theatre Solutions

Primary Care

Aged Care

Business Management



Primary care solutions

Automation of primary care has long been the hallmark of efficient modern healthcare and iSOFT has leading solutions in this sector. Developed to dynamically provide electronic medical records, practice management and billing requirements for general practitioners, iSOFT solutions are tailored to suit single-user practices or larger scale networks.

With the capacity to provide integrated networks for medical centres national clinic environments.
iSOFT’s primary care solutions have proven capabilities in providing tailored solutions to large scale remote medical environments, aero-medical and emergency evacuation services. iSOFT’s primary care solutions provide the necessary link to all sectors within the acute and aged care environments.


Wider benefits

iSOFT has a strong pedigree in the provision of solutions for management of the acute, community and independent sectors around the world. Our integrated patient management solutions for administration and billing have provided benefits to institutions globally. Our acute care installations include regional and state-wide implementations, and the group continues to collaborate with health focused academic institutions of international standing. We offer a complete electronic patient record to healthcare providers and patients, ensuring faster diagnosis, a holistic treatment approach and safer therapy.


Departmental functionality, enterprise-wide information

In domains such as pharmacy, operating theatres, emergency departments and maternity, iSOFT provides comprehensive applications that fully support local processes and informational requirements. In addition to providing best-of-breed functionality for the department, these solutions offer the interoperability needed to support the wider healthcare enterprise and provide additional synergies.

Advanced diagnostic capabilities are provided by the Laboratory and Diagnostic
Imaging systems. As one of the leading providers of diagnostic systems in Europe, iSOFT has a deep understanding of the requirements of the most intensive, data rich processes in healthcare where massive throughput, guaranteed delivery and uninterrupted service are essential.


Providing transaction and procurement solutions to the global healthcare market

iSOFT is a market leader in providing world-class financial management, procurement and bespoke solutions to service-centric organisations. We specialise in providing innovative financial & purchasing software solutions to meet our clients’ needs and expectations.

iSOFT transaction solutions provide the pivotal link between patients, healthcare organisations, insurance providers, banking facilities and health regulatory bodies. Our solutions feature real-time functionality, comply with regulatory requirements, improve administration processes and allow health professionals to spend more time with their patients.


LORENZO – the next generation healthcare solution

LORENZO is our next-generation healthcare solution, built around the needs of individuals, worldwide. It enables electronic record management across all sectors of care, removing traditional barriers to sharing patient information.

LORENZO forms the backbone of information transfer, facilitating the collaboration between primary care practitioners, community care, hospitals, clinics and the funders of care. It helps public and private healthcare organisations manage disparate healthcare systems by providing an independent foundation upon which to assemble and deliver new generations of interoperable healthcare systems.

LORENZO brings together the different tools and functions across care settings to create virtual health networks to securely connect doctors, care facilities and patients, and longer term, consumers.

Uniquely the solution protects healthcare organisations’ previous investments by integrating seamlessly with legacy systems. LORENZO is designed to help promote clinical and corporate governance, quality, efficiency and consent in healthcare, enhancing the experience for all participants.

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