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Macquarie University is about discovery, learning and participation in a borderless world. We are a dynamic, flexible and engaged university committed to excellence in research, teaching and global citizenship.


Macquarie's 126 hectare park-like campus is an ideal setting in which to discover and learn. Our location within the high-technology corridor of Sydney's north-west enables us to establish close relationships with some of the world's most successful companies, many of whom are located in the University's research park, and allows a collaborative approach to research and teaching to ensure Macquarie graduates are highly sought-after and command high starting salaries. It also provides our students with first class internship opportunities with world leading companies from a range of industries.

Our Values


At Macquarie University, our values determine how we behave toward our students, our staff and our community. We are:


We are ethical. Ethical behaviour is paramount: our Ethics Framework Project aims to promote a collegial community and to foster a culture within the University that is responsible, respectful and reflective.


We pride ourselves on being enquiring, open to new ideas and new ways of thinking and new ways of ensuring we create a sustainable institution.


We are creative in our response to opportunities and challenges.


We are inclusive. Inclusiveness is about making the system fairer and providing access to everyone, no matter what their background, who has potential to benefit from higher education.


We are agile. Agility is our willingness and our ability to be responsive, to listen and act, and not to be bound to traditional approaches where these are no longer relevant to the student of today.


We are committed to excellence. This is the standard to which we aspire in everything we do. We are asked to offer our best even when something less may be acceptable to others; and to always uphold the standards relevant to our discipline or practice.

These values are what Macquarie University stands for. We will bring these values to life in everything we do.

What makes Macquarie Different?

We are ambitious. Our ambition is obvious in the range of initiatives we have underway, from a new library, a private hospital, and a new undergraduate curriculum in 2010.

We are contemporary in our outlook, in the way we communicate, in the way our staff and students interact.

We are friendly. Friendliness is an important characteristic in a university. Our academics and professional staff are accessible and informal in their interactions with students.


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