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Australian Tourism Exchange Sydney::

27th April, 2013 - 30th April, 2013

The Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE) is Australia's premier tourism trade event and the largest international travel trade show of its kind in the southern hemisphere. The event, which is organised by Tourism Australia, will return to Sydney in 2013, where it was last hosted in 2011. The event will be held at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre with registration for all delegates on Friday 26 April 2013 and appointments being held from Saturday 27 - Tuesday 30 April 2013.


What is ATE?
The Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE) is a tourism trade show that brings Australian tourism businesses together with airlines, tourism wholesalers and retailers from around the world.

ATE provides:
A forum for Australian tourism Sellers to showcase their products, meet with overseas contacts and negotiate deals
International travel Buyers with an opportunity to experience Australia first-hand
A unique opportunity for attendees to increase their share of the inbound travel market.
International Buyers are selected by Tourism Australia to ensure the most influential people meet with Australian tourism businesses.

Who attends ATE?  
Around 1,700 Australian Seller delegates from approximately 600 companies
Approximately 700 key Buyer companies from over 40 countries
Approximately 40 international and 25 Australian media, reporting to millions of people worldwide.

Event format
ATE 2013 will be a five day combined program consisting of four days of appointments and one day of registration, providing Australian exhibitors access to all markets attending the event. Australian exhibitors will be able to target specific markets through the exclusions feature of their online application.

Please note: All delegates must register at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre (SCEC) on Friday 26 April 2013.

Number of appointments and length of day
Appointments will commence daily at approximately 8.45am and conclude at approximately 6.00pm.

ATE 2013 offers a combination of pre-scheduled and free appointments as follows:
Max. no. of prescheduled appointments     Max. no. of free appointments    Length of appointment    Move time
86    15    15 minutes    3 minutes

Networking functions
During ATE 2013 some exciting official evening functions are planned to showcase the host city, Sydney, at its finest.

It is important to note that in order to protect and respect the investment of our major partners, Sellers wishing to host Buyers for meals, functions or private meetings must do so outside of the official function times.

Happy hour will be maintained to ensure all Buyers and Sellers maximise this networking opportunity. Happy Hour will be held on Saturday 27 and Monday 29 April 2013. Please note that there will be no pre-scheduled appointments during the Happy Hour. There will, however be two free appointment slots available to fill at the commencement of each Happy Hour, but this is at each delegate's own discretion and with the knowledge that there may be some background noise present during Happy Hour.

Overview of ATE 2012
Evaluation conducted each year has helped to refine ATE to suit Buyer and Seller needs. View some of the key research results and statistics from ATE 2012, including satisfaction levels for organisation of ATE, appointment scheduling and value for money.

for more info visit event website.