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Migration in Australia::

Australia is, and always has been, a land of opportunity. A stable federal political arena, integrated multicultural population, healthy environment, sound education system and high standard of living make Australia an attractive destination of choice for both investors and those wishing to settle in Australia. With the Indian diaspora highly represented in Australia, marrying your investment goals with a residence outcome in Australia could be a reality for you.

Choosing the right visa


Knowing the correct pathway and the hurdles in that pathway is a must in order for you to obtain a successful visa outcome. Let’s consider some of the Australian visa options available to business men / women.


Initially, a Business Visitor visa will allow a business person to travel to Australia for up to three months to undertake activities such as:


  • Meeting consultants / brokers / agents


  • Visiting potential investment properties


  • Meeting legal and finance professionals


  • Holding review meetings with property managers.


The Business Visitor does not permit employment, except in very limited circumstances.


A well documented application will be processed efficiently by the authorities, so remember to include the following with your visa application:


  • A clear statement of intention regarding your proposed journey


  • Letters of invitation from your business associates


  • Evidence of funds available for the duration of your stay


  • Evidence of your incentives and intention to return ‘home’ 


Longer stays

For longer term stay in Australia, business persons and investors may seek temporary / permanent residence in a range of visa categories including the following:


Business Owners who wish to establish a branch office in Australia may do so through the Business Long Stay visa and may move towards conversion to permanent residence. The Business Long Stay visa is a temporary visa for skilled workers and executives available for a period of up to four years. The nominee is sponsored by an Australian entity or an overseas entity establishing a branch office in Australia.


Key factors for consideration by the Australian Department of Immigration would include:


  • the operations of the entity


  • the financial status of the entity and ability to support the nominee for the desired period


  • track record of or intention to provide training to Australians


  • the duties and skill level of the position


  • whether the salary level is commensurate with Australian levels of remuneration


  • the skill level and experience of the nominee.


  • the benefit which will accrue to Australia through the sponsorship


The Department of Immigration will scrutinize a Business Long Stay visa, and its associated sponsorship and nomination applications carefully. It is beneficial to seek professional advice from a qualified and experienced migration agent prior to preparation of an application to ensure that all criteria can be met. Careful documenting of the applications will save time and provide a clear pathway to a successful outcome.


Joining and existing business


Successful business persons or investors interested in joining an existing business in Australia may be eligible for a Business Skills visa if they:


  • Have managed an investment portfolio of at least A$1.5m in at least one of the past five years


  • Have personal assets of A$2.25m


  • Can make a designated investment of A$1.5m in Australia for four years.


Educational qualifications


And let’s not forget your family members. Your children can gain internationally accepted qualifications in Australia through variety of educational institutions and these qualifications may enable your child to obtain residence upon completion.


Finally and most importantly if you have a short or long term goals for residence in Australia, ensure you discuss these with a registered migration professional and your investment advisers at the outset. These experts can save you time and money and maximize your application opportunities.




In the 2007/2008 Australian migration programme year:


  • India ranked as the second highest source country with 14% of migrants, second only to the UK and overtaking China
  • 11 154 Indians migrated as skilled migrants
  • 3 720 Indians migrated as family migrants

97 724 Indians were present in Australia as temporary residents on 30 June 2008, of which:


  • 63 169 held Student visas
  • 11 378 held Tourist visas

By Sarah Gillis
BA LlB, MMIA, MARN 9359588