Thursday, 02 April 2020 Sydney

Economic excellence::

Why Australia’s economic strength means good news for property investors.

Australia has a number of economic factors that make it a stand out destination for property investors. These include:


  • High capital growth in certain areas. On such example is the city of Perth which grew from 36.6% to 42% per annum in 2006.
  • Low cost commercial properties and a growing international business presence in major cities. This has led to good value for money and a foreign investor friendly environment.
  • High demand for residential and commercial real estate to accommodate a growing expatriate working community.
  • Australians, who are increasingly seeking rental accommodation due to high interest rates and property prices, making this a healthy growth area for investors.
  • Good currency exchange rates against the euro, dollar and sterling that are favourable, making property purchase in Australia a valuable option.
  • A high growth rate, which is superior to that in most OECD countries, including the UK and the US.
  • A wide range of mortgage options available to foreigners, including interest free loans for five to ten years.
  • Huge tourism growth. According to the Australian Forecasting Committee, some 10,000 extra hotel rooms will be required in resort areas by 2014.
  • Population growth and rising incomes ensure the demand for housing outpaces current supply, causing prices to rise.