Thursday, 28 May 2020 Sydney

Definium Technologies is a manufacturing success story::

The Hodgman Liberal Government is committed to job creation and building a stronger economy and advanced manufacturing is a vital part of that plan.

This is why we established the Caterpillar Transition Taskforce in 2015 with a goal to support Tasmania’s advanced manufacturing industry to secure a sustainable and globally-competitive future.

The Taskforce has assisted companies like Definium Technologies, based in Launceston, which manufactures high value electronics products. The Definium business includes designing and building smart hardware and the development of software. They supply locally and globally to a wide range of industry sectors including agriculture, consumer electronics and automotive industries.

Through the Caterpillar Transitional Taskforce’s Advanced Manufacturing Transition Fund (AMTF) the Tasmanian Government has supported Definium Technologies staged upgrade and expansion to substantially increase the speed, efficiency, accuracy and reliability of the electronics manufacturing processes within the company.

This has helped Definium win new contracts and build its workforce from eight to 12, with a further two jobs expected in the next two years.

Under the AMTF Round 1 (December 2015), Definium received $16,014 (towards a total project of $32,028) to purchase a suite of component feeders for its pick and place assembly machine, as well as the purchase and commissioning of a new semi-automatic solder paste printer.

This new equipment increased Definium’s capability to manufacture a wider range of products and more easily switch between manufacturing different products.

Under AMTF Round 2 (2016), Definium received $40,875 (total project of $81,750) to purchase and commission a new vapour-phase reflow oven, as well as additional component feeders for its pick and place assembly machine.

This new equipment has increased Definium’s efficiency, capacity to tackle higher volume production and more complex manufacturing tasks to support expansion into new export markets. This project is ongoing and scheduled to be completed before the end of this financial year.

Definium is looking to double its number of employees and win new contracts and is an outstanding example of how the Hodgman Liberal Government is helping to identify potential jobs and growth opportunities in advanced manufacturing.