Sunday, 16 June 2019 Sydney

Driving for Jobs Pilot to help young Tasmanians find work::

The Hodgman Liberal Government’s number one priority is jobs and we know the lack of a drivers licence is a significant barrier towards young people gaining employment.

That’s why the 2017/18 Budget included funding for our ‘Driving for Jobs’ pilot, which takes an innovative new approach to driver training to give young people the necessary skills needed to pass their driving test and maximise their chances of getting a good job.

Jordan River Learning Federation and the Southern Central Trade Training Centre in Bridgewater have been selected for the pilot program and will be working closely with Skills Tasmania and the Department of State Growth to help Year 11 and 12 students gain their licence before leaving school.

It’s another important step in our plan to Build Your Future and will complement our goal to reduce the youth unemployment rate to at or below the national average by 2022.

The pilot program will fund a part-time coordinator to work with students in a structured driver training program, helping them to gain their licence so they are ready to work, particularly in growth industries such as construction and transport.  It will utilise the latest technology in driving simulation equipment, together with intensive on-road training supervision.

This trial will complement other initiatives designed to help people get their licence such as our Learner Driver Mentoring Program, which provides disadvantaged novice drivers the opportunity to gain their required driving hours with volunteer mentors as supervisors.