Saturday, 16 January 2021 Sydney

Innovators Invited By Early Birds Marketplace To Present Ideas For Bushfire Management::

Early Birds Marketplace, a website dedicated to connecting relevant innovations with early adopters, is pleased to announce that they are inviting innovators to take part in their challenge: ‘Bushfire Proactive Detection, Control, Management,’ and present ideas for bushfire management.

The unprecedented impact of Australia’s bushfire on its citizens, geography, and environment is of unimaginable proportions. The efforts of fire and emergency services, including volunteers, all arms of the defence force (both full time and reservist), state and federal government agencies, charities, other countries and more need to be recognised for their incredible achievements. However, while they are all pitching in, working side by side, they are charting new courses in how to combat and recover from this horrific situation.

There is still a long way to go before the fires are extinguished. Australia may have to live with these types of fires throughout the remainder of this fire season. A short six months after the end of this watershed fire season, some or all regions in Australia could be confronting a similar fire season again. As the recovery is underway in particular areas, some thought is now being given as to how we should prepare for the next season. There will also be revised planning for the longer term to improve prevention and responses to fires, of all types and sizes, that are capable of decimating communities, impacting their way of life and the environment.

Jeff Penrose, a spokesperson for Early Birds Marketplace, says, “Some of the incredible technology invented by startups and scaleups will be highly relevant for building the capabilities that agencies and organisations will need to prepare for, respond to and recover from such devastating fires. If you are a startup or scaleup with innovative ideas and creative solutions to the problem that Australia and, by extension, the whole world faces, we would like to hear from you. You can do this by registering on the EarlyBirds Marketplace and reviewing the challenge titled Bushfire Proactive Detection, Control, Management.”

He continues, “If you have a product, solution or service you think would contribute to the technology required to proactively detect, respond to, manage or recover from a bushfire, please respond to this challenge. You can do this by registering for free on the EarlyBirds Marketplace and then listing your innovation and responding to the challenge. To respond to the challenge, all you need to do is click on the ‘offer my innovation’ button and complete the information requested.” Early Birds Marketplace says that it will work with the innovators, its consultant network and various agencies to coordinate and explore these innovations in fire management.

“The current situation in Australia is truly heartbreaking,” observes Penrose. “These are easily the worst wildfires the world has seen in decades, and they have caused unbelievable amounts of destruction. 28 human lives have been lost and countless animals, too, have met their end in these fires. Our hope with the ‘Bushfire Proactive Detection, Control, Management’ challenge is to provide clever minds across the world a chance to literally save the world—because what is happening in Australia will have negative impacts across the world—but more than that, give Australia a fighting chance in responding to and recovering from the current fires and stay well prepared for any future fires.”

In addition to ‘Bushfire Proactive Detection, Control, Management’, the Early Birds Marketplace website has a number of other challenges for interested innovators to review and take part in. These challenges include ‘Marketplace For Service Providers To A Specific Industry (Social),’ ‘Energy Metering And Customer Transfers,’ ‘Real-time View Of Construction Personnel’ and more. The Early Birds Marketplace website also has a page where interested parties can become Early Adopters for brand new Innovations.

Those who wish to learn more about Early Birds Marketplace and the various services they provide can find more information on the company’s website. Additionally, they encourage interested parties to get in touch with Jeff Penrose directly via email or phone. Early Birds Marketplace also maintains a page on Facebook where they frequently post updates, share related media and communicate with their customers.

For more information contact: Jeff Penrose  +61 405 403 205