Tuesday, 18 June 2019 Sydney

Melbourne shines in latest Global Financial Centres Index::

Melbourne has jumped eight ranking places in the latest Global Financial Centres Index, produced in partnership by the China Development Institute(CDI) in Shenzhen and Z/Yen Partners in London.

The index, released biannually, measures the attractiveness of 108 financial centres across the globe, and analyses research by major international institutions including the World Bank and United Nations, alongside thousands of survey responses.

The latest report sees Melbourne jump from 21 to 13, classifying it as an Established International Centre.

Melbourne improved its placement over a number of other major financial centres, including Geneva, Washington DC, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Luxembourg and Osaka.

The report further revealed the shift away from North American and European centres, with the average assessment of the top five financial centres in the Asia Pacific region now ahead of the comparable figure for Western Europe and North America.

Victoria has a vibrant financial services sector, driven by a strong and diverse economy, skilled workforce and culture of innovation.

Melbourne will host its inaugural Australian fintech festival, Intersekt, in late October and early November this year.

To view the full results of the ranking, download the Global Financial Centres Index.