Thursday, 17 January 2019 Sydney

What's next - Labor to put a tax on sugar::

Tasmanians are sick and tired of the Labor Party telling them how to live their lives.

Just like Labor’s plan to ban pokies, Tasmanian Labor leader Rebecca White also wants to put a new tax on sugary drinks.

Labor doesn’t believe in personal choice, instead Ms White thinks she knows best.

Labor’s stated position is to adopt the approach of the “Rethink Sugary Drinks” campaign, a key part of which is a recommendation to increase taxes on sugar-sweetened drinks. #

This policy was announced by Ms White on May 17, 2015 and I call on her to reverse the policy immediately.

Today’s report that the Australian Medical Association has called for a tax on sugary drinks gives Ms White the perfect opportunity to once and for all rule out a new tax.

A sugar tax is just lazy policy.

Everyone wants to see a healthier Tasmania, however Labor’s thought-bubble of prohibition and regulation would see Tasmania become a nanny state.