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Seven (7) reasons why Innovators including startup and scaleups need to join the Open Innovation Ecosystem in 2021::

1. Market testing an industry alignment

To be able to partner with an ideal Early Adopters, startups and scaleups will need to determine potential customers in their particular industry and market. Examining and understanding market demand for the disruptive innovative solution is critical for survival. Engaging with ideal Early Adopters and attracting market interest from the dream customers is significantly increased through being part of an open ecosystem like EarlyBirds.

2. Early commercialisation

We all know how tough it is to find initial customers and start the journey to commercialisation. A commercialisation plan that includes focused sales and marketing and dedicated activity are essential. This is necessary to become viable as early as practicable. The plan should also take into consideration the possibility to identify additional revenue streams whilst continuously refining your solution to meet customer and market demands. EarlyBirds can remove some of the complexity from sales with its standard terms and conditions sales contract. EarlyBirds can also facilitate sales through the online encrypted sales process.

3. Proactively respond to business challenges

It is also essential for the startup or scaleup to fully understand the Early Adopters business challenges so that they are able to properly respond to their requirements. This will require the Innovators to: research and understand the most difficult challenges in their target market; be able to respond properly to specific business challenges; seek opportunities to partner with potential business leaders who are searching for a solution to their business challenges. EarlyBirds platform helps to get access to Early Adopters’ challenges.

4. Create effective collaboration networks

Disruptive innovators should consider how they can scale up their go to market strategy through collaboration. This would require creating collaboration arrangements with local, regional and global System Integrators and resellers. They should also consider partnering with Subject Matter Experts for a particular industry or focusing on a cross cutting functional business area. On some occasions there may be an opportunity to enter into a joint venture with a potential customer or a collaboration partner. A potential outcome could lead to investment in your solution and the opportunity to expand into new markets.

5. Identify Subject Matter Experts who understand your solution

Industry and business function Subject Matter Experts (SME) can be an excellent source of assistance to both market test and provide assistance with commercialising your solution. A wide range of SMEs are available through the EarlyBirds open innovation ecosystem. Innovators are able to engage and consult with the SME though the platform. This allows Innovators to form collaborative relationships with the SMEs and the ability to create strategies for engaging with and securing Early Adopter customers.

6. Be aware of the competition

Disruptive Innovator startups and scaleups need to be aware of their competitors and stay ahead of other contemporary innovators. This can be achieved by being a part of the global actionable innovation ecosystem and proactively engaging with the early adopters. A subscription to the EarlyBirds ecosystem will provide access to over one million innovators to not only identify competitors but to research market trends. By joining the EarlyBirds ecosystem you will enhance your visibility to Early Adopters who are searching for disruptive solutions.

7. Attract Investment

Innovators need to showcase their solutions if they are looking to attract investment funding opportunities. This can be achieved by increasing your visibility to prospective investors and corporate mergers and acquisition teams. There are many ways to increase your visibility including participating in pitch events or direct engagement with Venture Capital organisations. Securing first sales and creating customer references will significantly enhance your ability to achieve investment. The EarlyBirds platform allows innovators to showcase their customer references and to seek feedback from Early Adopters.

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