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Invest in Australian Capital Territory & Invest in Canberra::

Canberra is the capital city of Australia and the urban centre of the Australian Capital Territory. The Australian Capital Territory is the smallest state or territory in Australia, with a population of approximately 347,800 occupying an area of 814.2 square kilometres. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the population of the ACT is projected to rise by 24 percent by 2051, an increase of 77,500 people.


Located 280 kilometres south-west of Sydney and 660 kilometres north-east of Melbourne, the site was originally selected as a compromise, or theoretical ‘half-way’ between the nation’s two largest cities. An entirely planned city, it incorporates significant areas of garden, earning it the nickname ‘the bush capital.’ As an inland city set within rolling hills and open spaces, it has a backdrop of the Australian bush and is interspersed with lakes and rivers. Major industries in the ACT include public administration, education, information and communications technology, biotechnology, defence and security.




The direct result of an extremely low unemployment rate, Canberra has the highest average disposable income of any Australian capital city. As the national capital, Canberra is home to 90 diplomatic missions, as well as many social and cultural institutions of national significance. Parliament House, the High Court of Australia, The National Gallery of Australia and The Australian War Museum can all be found here.  Canberra is a convenient place to live. It is located less than three hours drive from Sydney, two hours drive from the beaches of the Pacific coast and two hours from the popular Snowy Mountains ski fields. 


Investment Potential


The ACT is considered an excellent place to do business. Canberra, the seat of the Federal Government has a highly skilled and adaptable workforce, concentrated intellectual capital, an internationally competitive business environment and outstanding educational and research and development capabilities. Canberra’s central location, first class infrastructure and leading position in fields such as information technology and environmental management lifestyle make it an ideal location for investment.  With around 70,000 residents born overseas representing more than 170 different nationalities, Canberra is truly a diverse and cosmopolitan city.