Thursday, 02 April 2020 Sydney

Premier of Queensland Message 2010-11 Annual::

Queensland is a fast-growing state, in terms of our economy and population growth, and our government welcomes business leaders and investors who are interested in participating in the growth of a dynamic and diversified Asia-Pacific hub.


The state’s population of more than 4.5 million is expected to reach 6.2 million by 2031 and nearly 8 million by 2056. Such growth will create tremendous business opportunities in building and construction, transport and infrastructure of all kinds.


Queensland is fortunate enough to have world-class energy resources, mineral deposits and a strong agricultural sector. Output of all of these commodities is expected to grow to meet both local and world demand.


We also have a strong, internationally recognised research and development base covering a diverse wealth of fields including pharmacy, medicine, communication, transport and agriculture. Queensland’s workforce is highly skilled and backed up by excellent education and training institutions.


We also boast a semi-tropical and tropical climate, a stable democracy and a multicultural society. What better place could there be for businesses looking to grow, particularly given our proximity to Asia - the fastest growing economies in the world.