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Invest in Tasmania & Hobart ::

Hobart is Australia’s second oldest city- the capital and most populous of the island state of Tasmania, with approximately 200,000 residents. With an estimated population of 500,000, Tasmania occupies an area of 68,401 square kilometres and is celebrated as ‘the natural state’- due to its pristine and largely untouched natural environment. Hobart serves as a busy seaport, a base for trade, as well as Australian and French operations in Antarctica.

Why Invest In Tasmania?

Strong Economic Performance

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data, Tasmania’s economy is one of the best performing in Australia.

  • Lowest unemployment of any state in Australia 5.0 per cent (Sept 2009)
  • Gross State Product grew by 3.4 percent in (2007-08)
  • Goods and services export growth remains high by historical standards with the value of exports in the year to Aug 2009 worth $3.7 billion
  • Lowest direct labour costs in the nation
  • Lowest level of industrial disputes
  • Second lowest taxing state or territory

Infrastructure Development

Both the Tasmanian Government and the Australian Government constantly reinvest in the infrastructure required for an expanding population and a growing economy.

They are continuously upgrading ‘hard’ infrastructure (transport, energy and water) while also supporting ‘soft’ infrastructure development (telecommunications, innovation, research and development), the key to growing a knowledge-based economy.  Key infrastructure projects in Tasmania include:

  • rollout of Australia’s new super fast Broadband (Tasmania is the first place in Australia to roll this out)
  • major new water supply infrastructure
  • development of clean energy supplies (hydro and wind)
  • upgrading of port facilities
  • rollout of natural gas to homes and industries.


Affordable Lifestyle

Tasmania has much to offer prospective residents – spectacular scenery, unique flora and fauna, easy access to a range of natural attractions,  a refreshing climate and a rich heritage.

Tasmania has a strong sporting tradition, with easy access to a wide range of quality sporting facilities that include international standard aquatic and team sport facilities. The rugged central highlands and south west of the state provide the setting that has made Tasmania a world-renown bushwalking and trout fishing destination. Tasmania provides the inspiration for a creative and dynamic arts culture, extending from live theatre and music to films, commercial galleries and museums.

Combine all this with Australia’s lowest crime rates, extremely affordable housing and easy access to a wide range of excellent schools and colleges and Tasmania is a very attractive state to raise children in.

Affordable housing

Despite the strong Tasmanian economy, Tasmanian house prices are generally lower than those interstate. Hobart has the lowest median house prices of all Australia’s capital cities.

Access to the coast

Tasmanians have unsurpassed access to inland waterways, coastline and estuaries.

Compared with the rest of Australia, Tasmania has the highest percentage of its population living within 50 kilometers of the coast.

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